Floating wall and shed i should get paid by the dev team im going over every inch of the map

can not enter shed and get loot


Could you give us the coordinates for the location please? They are on the bottom right of your map.

Thank you!

Dam i think it was on south coast i should have put coridinates i did take a screen of the location on the map itself though if i come across it Again i will note its cordinates no idea when i will though cause its a small location im going through every inch of the map for you all but once the quests are fixed ect ill be restarting when the update comes thats going to fix alot of things i will most definitely report the cordinates as i go to every building location so ill def ffind it again

This is not just in one area. I’ve been all over the map and there is floating trucks, grass, walk-through rocks, grass, buildings, fences, basically anything you can think of. Hell even in some looting rooms you’ll see a floating book on a shelf that doesn’t exist. If I upload a video it would take hours to explore every location where there is something floating. Simply do a little hop into the shed, should work. At this point in the game where I’m at, I’ll just jump into rooms as a habit because I am always getting stuck in doorways.

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