Floor collider missing


Platform: PC

Description: There is a two-storey house at Äpplebo (-3801.638, -364.875) in which the floor collider seems to be missing or incomplete in the upstairs master bedroom. Entering the room lets you fall through the floor right back into the living room.

Steps To Reproduce: Walk into the room, fall through the floor.

Images / Videos: I took a screenshot but that doesn’t properly illustrate the issue. Will try to take a video tonight.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Solo game

Invisible hole on the 2d floor in the room

Heyo, this has already been reported before, but your post so far has been the most informative so I’ll leave it be. Äppelbo is a weird place, I recommend avoiding it until someone decides to look it over properly.


Also if you stand in the door way and try to jump onto the mat you jump out of the house (I’m pretty sure it’s this same house)


I’ve encountered this problem as well, I’m on PS4.


I guess that an additional video capture is not really necessary then. :slight_smile:


Can’t remember if it was this house but I had an instance where I was able to jump over the “non-colliding” floor further into the room. It was just a “spot” or part of the floor that did not register.

Edit: PS4 Pro, before October patch.


Yep, it happened to me last night. I was in disbelief and was like what the heck is that? I tried it again for 3rd times. It’s kind of funny. It’s on Xbox One, though.


you can jump over it