Flottnäsviken: weapons to be found stay on 0/1

Searched and found 2 weapons and 2 attributes, but still it says 0/1.

Couldn’t find anything on the forum, but what’s happening here?

Not sure, but I think I still haven’t found that one, too.

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Look for green Military Office, get on roof and on the antenna there a Möller PP

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Thx :+1:
Got it.


Owwww… I’ll check that, thx Gysbert!

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Would néver have found it - even at daylight - need Eagle eyes :eagle:

In general: it seems that a lot of weapons on several locations are added to the game. Is this correct?

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Well, that weapon was hanging since the opening of Himfjäll Resort. :coffee:

Haha, probably yes and I’ve been on that roof before - but didn’t see it hanging over there.
You also have to be in a specific angle to see it.

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