Flying blind, Acces inner weapon storage

So i ran into this gas covered room, i got my 2 weapons.
I got the note however nothing has changed.

How much further into this room am i supposed to go? i’ve searched the containers and the 3 rooms you need to unlock.
draining everything to keep myself alive inside this room (The gas masks do nothing! Well close to nothing Btw: i’ve used gas masks this is not how they work :stuck_out_tongue: )

If the bunker mission dissapeared from your log then you finished it. It should appear greyed out in ur log or its still active if you havent finished it. (I ran into the same odd issue)

It is still active, there is nothing to help me towards a new objective.
The note is only telling me about a locked storage and a key.

There are no helpful way points or indication that i have something to do.
I walked into this gas filled room.
Got this note that a way point was over and that is it.

Show me the rest of the picture, the log and stuff, and youre map if ur able to.

Looks like we are talking about a different gas leak, im not that far into the game yet xD. Cant help you sorry :frowning:

I’m also having this exact same issue. I got in, cleared the bunker, got the power running and into the room, then lockpicked the three lockers. Then I found the key. Alas, finding the key just made the objective marker vanish while I was in the room. So I thought I’d try restarting to see if it “unfroze” things, but now the door to the gas-filled storage room is locked. I’ve tried hitting the power button again, but nothing.

If you have an friend who is in the same quest or before it, just go with him and do this quest again, most of the time it will be completed for you too. I had this problem with the bunker in the first town, we had done everything for the quest but I always dad go to the bunker. After completing for him (which worked without problems) it was completed for me too.

If you have nobody for this, maybe someone here is at this spot or right before and can help you. I’m not on this point but till tomorrow we would be at this point so, maybe we can help you then with this. :slight_smile:

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