Flying blind Mission

I opened the door once, was about 3 days after release. since there i just cant open it again even tho i cant even activate the power because there are none ticks spawning around. I restarted the game 100 times got back tried to pick up the note again nothing happens, same happens with my friend when we’Re playing together. i dont now what to do guess it’s just not working even tho there came a new patch out.

hopefully we’ll be able to play all missions one day :smiley: because it’s getting boring then
still appreciate the effort the dev team is putting into this game.

This is one of the known bugged missions. Hopefully there will be a fix for it in an upcoming patch.

Have you tried it on each others server because game saves on hosts game

What @Sholack said.

I’ve played through the game with my friend as a host. His Flying Blind mission was bugged the same way due to a crash after killing the ticks. There’s now no way to unlock that door.

Since we finished the story on his game, we’ve been playing mine, and we were able to complete that mission without issue.