Flying Objects & Lost and Found Bugged [Workaround for Flying Objects]

Most likely at the end of the month. But we’ll have to see, with all the holidays coming up.


I can confirm the same issue on PC. Hopefully we get this fixed soon! This and one other mission is all that I have left!


Shooting the flower pots,worked for me. I am still glitched on Lost and found. Showing I need to blow up stuff in the bunker but it’s empty and I have both objectives checked off and both mission items collected.

Same here…

I have the same issue on the Lost and Found mission. Both objectives completed but mission does not close.
Playing on PC, single player.
One possible cause; I destroyed all machine fuel cells before picking up the mission note in the truck cab?

Hey @PatuldaCZ :wave: Have you tried the workaround?

Hey @JoeD, unfortunately there is no known workaround for “Lost And Found”, however, fixes for both of these missions should be going out with the next patch.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience! :pray:

ok ,try it and finally it works, so this mission is done for me. So need to solve bug on another 2.

Thanks! Shooting the flower pots also worked on the PC.

worked for me as well, on PS4, might want to rework that mission so that shooting them is what is required instead of moving them? shrugs just a suggestion

Hello, lost and found & flying objects quest will not come up as complete in my game. I am playing on a XBox 1

Shooting all four pots, on both sides of the front steps, completed the mission for me. Many thanks!

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I have been testing ways to loop around Lost and Found quest but have found no solution thus far. I have acquired almost every trophy on PS4 rolling for the plat but have come across a few dilemmas. If anyone needs tips, advice, or assistance in coop for missions, spawns, collectables, trophies, etc. feel free to contact me. Best of luck to you all on your playthroughs.

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Thanks for the assistance on flying objects, highly appreciated. :+1:

How to get a fashionista , I have over 250 clothes☹️
and which weapon is the best to mount modules to get the trophy, load and unlock.:bow_and_arrow:

This is a bug report and not the right place to discuss individual and unrelated support.

I messaged you the details of my results. Please limit the comments to related topics and feel free to personally message me if you need assistance. Thank you.

Ok, so i’m having the same issue for completing the ‘Lost and Found’ mission on PS4.

I’ve completed both objectives, but didn’t get the exp or check mark for completing the mission.
(For those who didn’t know the mission is located in the mountains region, at the Beredskapsförrâd 104 Bunker.)

I played this mission as the host on solo.

I hope that this gets fixed soon, as it is my last mission.

It will be patched in the near future. Devs are on it already.

dude,it worked…cant believe the ineptitude from thos dudes.Thanks bruh

Lost and Found still bugged for me here on PS4. Is this fixed yet? if not when? If yes what’s the solution? January 7, 2020.