Flying Russian enemy

So is it normal for those flying Russian enemies to have so much health? Like I can hit them with 20 something plus rockets hit them with a 50 cal sniper hundreds of times and put hundreds and hundreds of bullets from an AK into them and they just keep flying. Why does a fast nimble enemy have more health than every other enemy in the game? Is it intentional? Is it a bug? Honestly, I don’t know. This game has so many bugs. It’s hard to tell lmao

What difficulty are you playing on? The Firebird should go down fairly quickly if you hit it’s weak spots. In addition, get a high quality weapon for increased damage output.

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Hmm… about 20 good hits with .50 into the four jet exhausts should be enough to down any Firebird.

But the amount depends on the class and if it’s a Rival or not.

ymmv though :man_shrugging:

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Like they say - When fighting any machine you should always prioritize the components and use the weapons with most stars, just spraying any part of the bots with bullets is not going to do you any good.

The grenade/rocket launcher is in my opinion not the best weapon for this, overall I find it to bark a lot louder than it bites.

I’m using a four-star 50 cal sniper, a five-star pocket launcher, and a five star AK rifle. I do go for the weak points when I can but when it’s on the move it’s really hard to hit them on controller. I can stop it with EMP rockets but I can’t craft those yet. I do have a few that I’ve got from falling enemies however, but I really don’t like having to use them as I really only have about 20 total

Yeah, it’s mainly the rivals that I’m referring to, but the standard ones tend to cause a lot of issues to because there’s usually one or two of them in the same space and wherever they’re at there’s usually next to no cover. So you’re pretty much forced into being peppered by rockets and whatnot unless there’s something I missing which there could be. I haven’t been playing this game for very very long

Use emp rockets and then snipe their turbines.
Most effective way.

Want to bring down the firebirds quickly? Accurate shots in the weak points. Just like all the other machines.

It is always fun when one player in a squad hits the firebird with an EMP rocket. Then the rest of the squad attacks the weak points


Yea i figured out the gameplan, but the rival one i was fighting just said nah to my buffet of turbine hits lol.
Btw, is that tiny fuel canister on them worth attempting to destroy?

Yes it is.
Hard to hit, but does much damage.
The turbines are easier to hit.

Rivals have considerably more hit points than normal machines, including for components. So if you fight a 4 star rival, expect a lot more ammo to be needed.

If you take some points in “Spotting Intel” in the Left Tech tree, you can see how much health they have left (percentage) with Tech vision in Binoculars. This helps to assess the enemy.