FMtel Assignments, certain weapons don't count?

Platform: XBOX.

Description: Certain weapons don’t seem to be recognized/classified in such a way that they are legal for certain FMtel Assignments, or possibly for other purposes.

One example, the Vosa, the Skorpion machine pistol…is it a handgun, because it uses .32 ACP ammo like the PP/PPK, which does count as a handgun? Or is the Skorpion an SMG, because it uses the SMG muzzle devices? No. It counts as neither. It could count as BOTH. It should count as at least one or the other…just to further encourage some use, if nothing else.

Second example, the Vintovka, the Mosin-Nagant…does it count as a hunting rifle, as the description suggests it has (and has indeed in reality) been used as, outside of war-time usage? No, it does not seem to count.

Steps To Reproduce: Get on, play, see if “Base Assault, Handgun” or “SMG” are in the lineup, activate, pull out the Skorpion, and get your KLOBB on…annnd it won’t count, either way. Or, if “Hunting Rifle, Kill X/Y” is in the lineup, then try the Vintovka and get your Simo Hayha on…but, nope, no good.

Images / Videos: Sorry, I can’t currently share the clip I have for this. Maybe if I figure out how, I’ll fix this. I do have a clip saved away of the Vosa/Skorpion on a day with both “Handgun” AND “SMG” Base Assault Assignments.

Host or Client: Host, guest/client, doesn’t matter.

Players in your game: Solo, co-op, doesn’t matter.

Specifications: Plain old XB1. Confirmed by another also on XB1, and others on other different XB consoles, among others.

The guy I play with most often and myself use pretty much every weapon, pretty regularly. We’ll get on, see what we want to do, where we want to go, what we want to fight, and swap out our equipment accordingly. We’ve got almost all the weapon DLC, because we love variety, and we like getting the most bang for our buck…so we use everything, figure out how to use some things in such a way that they don’t suck so bad, and over time during play we may return to a safehouse and swap out equipment time and time again. Different weapons for different enemies, or classes/tiers, or whatever.

As part of all that, we found that previously a number of DLC weapons weren’t recognized for certain things. The Volkov/Makarov pistol, for instance, didn’t initially seem to count as a pistol for “Base Assault, Handgun” Assignment, perhaps even for some other handgun-specific things…but that eventually seemed to change, with an update. The N9/Beretta and the COM-10/Ingram seem to count for the appropriate tasks (N9, Handgun. COM-10, SMG), and most other weapons also seem to be appropriately classified/recognized…

The Skorpion seems like it has counted previously, but never any time when we’ve used it. We’ve used it on days when an FMtel Assignment was “Base Assault, Handgun”, when it was “Base Assault, SMG”, and on days where BOTH those assignments showed up, for the sake of thorough testing. On our ends, at least, the Skorpion is legal for nothing. Doesn’t count for any Assignment. Why not? Shouldn’t it count as one or the other, at least? If not both…

Likewise, I don’t think we’ve ever had the Vintovka/Mosin count when it was a “Hunting Rifle, Kill X/Y” Assignment. Yeesss, the Mosin is a classic combat rifle…which, when no longer particularly suited for combat, default to/get relegated down to hunting rifles, just like an M1 Garand, Springfield 1903, SMLE or other Enfield, Mauser 88 or 98, K31, etc, etc. As far as the game goes, the Vintovka/Mosin should be regarded effectively the same as the .243 or .270—bolt action rifles, hunting rifles…

For Assignments which do not specify a weapon, there is no problem using DLC weapons/equipment.

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