FMTEL - Assignments - Don't force us to play every day

Should work (almost) the same as with melee. Take a lvl1 base and just destroy all necessary.

Tuesday, April 25, ( Assignments ), Base Assault With Only Submachine Guns, Base Assault With Only Handguns, Destroy 20 Cars ??? !

What’s the problem with that?

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You should be able to level any FNIX base from distance with RPG. And when you dont enter the area, daily assigment limitations wont trigger.
After this proceed to do what you where required to do. (Of course if there is kill x or y things inside or/while doing base assault).

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You actually only need to complete 6 of the 7 days, so long as the randomizer doesn’t screw us over by giving us a 5 point day instead of the full 6. You can even ignore the idiotic “Complete 7 Base Assaults” mission because it’s more time than most people have to play, unless its like this week, where it showed up TWICE IN THE SAME WEEK AND THERE IS A 5 POINT DAY, MEANING WE HAVE TO SCREW UP OUR THREAT RATINGS TO GET TANK TEIR.

I’m not bitter.

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You can do the weapon limitation base assualts with any weapon, then, before you open and wipe out the shield generators, leave and let the quest expire. Then go back in and use only the proper weapon. You can even kill the generators with the wrong weapon, so long as you leave and let the quest lapse, then restart it before you kill the Core. And, if you play in a group, you can complete them in anyone’s game, not just your own. The “easy” and “medium” base assault missions need to be done in your game, as do base defense missions, but if you play as a group with people, the base assault with weapons are light work.

I had 4 points to get tank tier and then that silly 7 assault missions assignment popped up. Oh well.


Since these assignments started I think I tried a few of them and they were broken but didn’t seem like it was part of Gen Zero but a personal contest to play solo when bored enough. Since that first day I have yet to play any of them so not sure where the “forced us to play every day” comes from. Maybe my game is broken because I get no messages or the game isn’t blocked because I don’t play the assignments. I also seem to move up in tiers, I think I am maxed out if possible, I don’t seem to get those messages anymore.

If you cannot control yourself to HAVE to do assignment none stop and daily then would changing the assignment cure you? Or would you just become addicted to something else in the game you find blame in the game or just need to work on more self control?

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Wise words.
On the other hand you could say: “goal achieved”. (from publishers point of view)

But for this case there is too less monetary success. (imagine you could buy resistance points or a “change assignment card”.) :joy: