FMTEL - Assignments - Don't force us to play every day

Currently, a player has to complete all Missions every day with the FMTEL to get to reward tier 3, it’s a daily system that is used to keep DAU (daily active users) up to a max in most live games, everyone who has played some sort of MMO will have likely experienced a system like this. However, it’s somewhat unhealthy at the moment, especially considering GenZ is a game that has single player in mind.

Not everyone has time to play a game seven times per week, and I think it would be healthier to change the mission generation to allow players to gain more points during a single day, for example by generating a second set of challenges after the first set of a day has been completed. I know DAU is a super important KPI when justifying your marketing and dev spend, and I’m not asking for Tank Tier to be reachable in a day, but most of us have a life outside of videogames and it would be great if the game was a bit more flexible in this regard.


its a live service gaming SIN. Its very much unhealthy and its basically insulting towards players and ppl have well argued that it forms addictive properties in people and not just those that easily succumb to such behavior.
Not to mention it can easily be fixed, make it a total of 9 available challenges every day but make it so you can pick only 6 ( in part to add protection for ppl who don’t want to do some of the annoying ones like base assault using grenade or base assault but it has to be easy so its a QOL thing as well). Add a couple of extra rewards but make it that the total pool from all available task required to max out weekly stuff requires you just to do 5 days worth of tasks. I think thats the most balanced it can get


A sad standard practice in the industry if done wrongly. Additionally I consider some challenges to be only possible once a player already has a good resource base, and where the T3 rewards aren’t meaningful anymore, like hand grenade only base assault (it can be cheesed, but let’s assume not everyone knows every exploit and mechanic).


I’ve been thinking similarly for some time now. It’s OK for me as I am retired and have all day every day to play games if I so wish but most people have to work so don’t get the time.

You bring up a valid point. It’s definitely something that can be improved, I think.
Everyone should have the chance to get the best rewards.


I second that, too. Because right now with the odd assignments and sometimes only max. 5 points a day it’s starting to become some sort of “grind” (yes yes I know that exists only in ones head…) and actually it’s driving me away from the game rather than binding me and my playtime.
At first it was like you needed 36 points and could do that in 6 days, so one day off.
Nowadays it’s more like you get approx 5.5 points a day, so no more one day off.
PLUS the assignments became somewhat odd again, all those base assault/defence ones to be completed with a ridiculous choice of weapon(s). Does anyone actually like these ??
Well me rather not and I hate base defense and I’d like to do other assignments instead.

So it might be a good idea to give people a greater variety of assignments and more of a choice.

My 2 ct. ymmv though


Often, when I start the game, I have a plan to do something special, like hunting rivals or killing a reaper. I have limited time.
In general I start with taking a look at the assignments, start the ones that should be possible to finish while following my plans, and begin.

With the recent assignments for doing base assaults or defenses with special weapons, which often don’t fit in my plans, I’m not able to get any of the rewards.

That, on the other hand, often is a reason for playing something else. At least for me.


Due to only getting 5 points today after completing all three assignments I am again forced into a 7 day trip just to get anything meaningful. There was also a day last week that did this but last week was already messed up due to Monday and Tuesday being a no show.
Anyone else have these “5 point” days.
Assignments worked ok for a couple of months but look as if they are starting to fall apart again.

Personally I believe it could be improved, but as it stands. you can completely ignore the FMTEL assignments and still play and see everything else in the game, its not a required barrier to new content or to progress in the story or to get exclusive items. so really, its not forcing you to play the game every day at all.

That’s true.

  1. If you don’t already have everything, it’s another way to get ressources, equipment and weapons
  2. Even for longtime players it’s at least another chance to get high class dlc-stuff (I’m currently not sure, is the dlc-stuff in the pool, too?)

But in total it’s like with many other things in the game. Why should you do the assignments, if you just get more of the weapons you don’t use or do already have?
I’m missing something rare, which you don’t need necessarly, but could be useful every time you get it. Once uranium was one of these things… Until someone decided to give us some for every base assault and every 5 character levels beyond level 31.

I appreciate all that you say but I have collected everything and completed everything. There is nothing left in the game for me to do apart from assignments, and they are becoming very repetitive, so if I am to gain anything meaningful from the game I am indeed forced to play everyday.

  1. I mean, fair point, but by the time you’re at the point in the game you can efficiently grind assignments, you’ve probably already got better loot than what the assignments will give you.

  2. I don’t believe you can get DLC weapons from it. and the rest of the loot from them is mediocre at best. I usually start them when i start playing but never really actively try and complete them, unless its an easy one like, “kill x tanks” or something like that.

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there’s always base assault or defence which are infinitely repeatable I guess but there does really need to be more endgame content in my opinion.

It depends too much on what the player does in late game.

Until you finish the main story, it’s ok.

There should be a time, where the game becomes more dynamic. There was once a survey where one question went into a direction of dynamic moving frontlines. With bases here and there it would be cool to be forced to react on something like that. Not just start a base defense if you push a button, but if it’s really under attack, either by soviets or fnix.

Without such dynamic events it of course may become boring. Yes, there is much you can do, but it’s always the same… and if you do nothing at all, “nothing” happens. Well, at least you can take a safe position and watch soviets and fnix machines fighting each other…


I honestly would love the idea of dynamic frontlines in the game. maybe once you reach the mainland from the archipelago, you could get a mission via a radio at the bunker on that little strait that connects the farmlands to the archipelago. this radio call would guide you to an NPC who could introduce you to control points and the theoretical dynamic frontlines, or maybe instead of getting a radio signal as you enter the bunker, it could possibly be an NPC who physically comes to the first control point you take over and then explain the mechanics. just throwing random ideas out there!


Once again only 5 points available today and two of the three assignments are base assault (very very annoying).
My question is this. What are the criteria for activating a base assault?
I only have three available control points which are all in South Coast.
Is it simply a matter of area level?
Is it simply a matter of time?
Is it a mixture of both?
Today having done one base assault I am trying to trigger another but after clearing the area of anything that moves except rivals there is nothing. Do I have to wait 1, 2, 4 hours?

There might be a delay of an hour between being able to trigger a new assault, most annoying was the “complete a medium assault” objective as it doesn’t count when you do a higher tier one. This is terrible, as it’s really easy to accidentially stumble over some tanks, have some fun with no strings attached and the base levels up to 3.

An objective with a certain difficulty requirement should always also trigger if you complete something on a higher difficulty.


Yes, I agree. Medium bases don’t stay long.
In general new bases spawn and increase their level faster than you can walk to them (including clearing the way of course).

One way of solving this could be to not reset the assignments points after one week. Instead your own counter would slowly be working its way up to max, regardless if you complete everything during a week or a month.

i got the (Submachine Gun) base assault & (Handgun) base assault at the same time, not sure how, how did you cheese the (Grenade) base assault ??? !