Fmtel assignments

A couple of things about fmtel. First there is a very unrealistic assignment. Complete 7 base assault missions. This sounds more like a weekly assignment. I completed once, after having to do it 9 times to get 7. But now I only have 3 fnix bases left. I got the assignment again a couple of days ago, completed 2, but getting anymore fnix bases to pop up was getting very tedious. I didn’t have time to play for hours on end just to attempt to get bases to pop up so I could destroy them so I abandoned that assignment. After all I only need 12 more points to unlock the final reward. The problem is, the second issue, I have 2 days left, 6 points each day, just what I need. Wrong. The first of the 2 days has a medium assignment for only 1 point for a total of 5 for that day. Now I’m guaranteed to be 1 point short. Shouldn’t medium always be 2 points? And the 7 base assault should be reduced to 3, maybe 4. Or maybe we could have more than 3 to choose from but can only get credit for 3 of our choice.

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Yeah, assignments have been busted since the tactical response update; which broke tracking for enemy kills (Kill X of robot).

I actually have not had a problem with tracking except this one time. I went to check my progress and I had no assignments showing. I had the message about making an account. It’s happened to my friend and I several times, fortunately before completing any assignments. We had to reboot the game to fix it. That’s not what this post is about anyhow. It’s about a weekly assignment converted to a daily since there are no weekly assignments anymore, and is unreasonable. And the fact that every week there seems to be 1 medium assignment that only awards 1 point.

I hate it when the 7 bases assignment comes up. I gave up trying to do it. Most I’ve gotten is 5 or 6 in one day. I just don’t have the time to spend all day raising the threat level to get 7 enemy bases to pop up. I’d say it would be fine if that was a weekly thing (like suggested earlier) but i can’t even save the bases that i currently have that pop up for me daily; for latter, cause the other daily assignments require me to destroy them too. By only using grenades or smgs or melee, etc…
So i’ve never gotten the tank reward. :rage:

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It’s being referred to as a Cursed Day. We all seem to hate it. And now that they’ve broken multiplayer so you can’t get credit for bases destroyed in other players’ games, it’s worse. If you’re playing with 3 other players, you need to destroy 28 bases, minimum. Someone truly isn’t thinking about these things. My group has quit playing until this issue is fixed. I’m the only one who has bought the recent DLC,and none of them will get it until the game is worth playing again.

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Great, day one and the impossible 7 base assaults is already showing it’s ugly head. I only have one currently available since I foolishly tried doing it last week. I did seven but only 6 counted. I somehow got logged out of my account before I completed the 6th one. I went to check my progress only to be greeted by the create an account message. I ran out of time before I could do an eighth one. What a waste of time.
The assignment is outrageous on it’s own, approximately 30 minutes per base equals 3 1/2 hours. Throw in assaults that don’t count, trying to get bases to pop up, it’s insane.
As far as assaults not working on friends worlds, I noticed that if you’re not in your friends world when the base spawns you won’t see it on the map. As a result it will not count. But if it spawns while you are there it will work properly. In other words if you can see the base icon on the map it should count. Please comment if you can confirm this.
I just don’t understand why this is not being addressed. How hard can it be to change a 7 to a 3, or just remove it altogether. I know I, like a lot of others, will not be purchasing any DLC until I am confident they will fix these types of issues.

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Why do you still do them if it’s such a waste of time?
They will address the assignments, I’m sure, when it’s time to do it. And if there are more important things to do first, they will finish the more important things first.

There is a principle for that in business time management: Eat the frog (first)

I don’t understand your attitude towards the developers.

Are they paying you?
Do you think there is something in it for you for being so sycophantic?

The FMTEL assignments have zero excuse to be broken years later if they continue to pump out micro DLC and cosmetic packs every update.

They say we are funding the development of the game, but all we get are bare bones and broken updates promoting DLC.

Weird coincidence that the wood looting broke in the companion update given that the paid DLC armor requires much more common materials.

No, I’m just empathic and try to understand the processes behind everything. That’s all.
Btw., the next update is announced to be just for bugfixing… Who knows, maybe this one is adressed, too, although it’s not a bug but a bad descition?

I still think the 0/7 assault missions was meant to be a week long assignment, but got stuck in a 1 day thing by accident


In this case it’s a bug. Yes.

Well, when I have invested time in the first 5 or 6 days and then have the 7 base assignment standing between me and unlocking the tank reward I will attempt it if I think I can complete it. As far as them addressing this issue it should be quick and easy therefore addressed and not pushed aside.

I don’t know how they work at systemic reaction, but this principle is a usual one in business to guarantee to do the important things first and not the easy and fast things.

It’s used to prevent lazyness… because easy things in general are not as important or gamebreaking.
Imagine a devteam just fixing the easy issues. They would easily come into a situation of fixing typos or searching for misplaced objects instead of working on reasons for crashes. And if they finished a list of easy things, there would be more and more easy things that could be done…

That’s why you should “Eat the frog first”, even if it takes much more time and doesn’t taste as good as the sweet little things.

The next update will just be for bugfixing. No new content with more sweet little things to solve, so I see a great chance of getting lots of improvements.

At least I hope that.

I’m not talking typos. I’m talking about QOL problems that are driving people away from the game. It’s actually the biggest problem I’ve encountered on the Xbox version. A month ago or so my friend and I did have a co-op problem of frequent disconnecting but determined that to be due to him being wireless at the time. Granted I only have the Alpine dlc and it sounds like others are causing issues.
Basically, if the fmtel assignments were fixed I would have nothing to complain about. They are what brought me to this forum and I’ve been playing, off and on, since shortly after the game released.

Imho it would just be enough for now if the Devs remove the “7 base” assignment from the assignment pool.
Other (intermediate) solutions might be:

  • add a little routine to prevent more than one base related assignment per day
  • the return of "kill x machines of type or tier " assignments
  • maybe 4 assignments per day to make it easier to reach the tank level

Something like that. What’s possible without eating said frog… :wink: :man_shrugging:


So we just got a patch the other day, and now that people have had a chance to play with it, have we noticed that multiplayer groups are once again getting credit for doing the content together or is it still not worth it to play multiplayer?

I believe my position with regarded to the Cursed Day 7-base assault mission is well documented, as is my insistence on calling it CURSED. Since swearing on the forums isn’t allowed, we’ll have to make do with cursing it. It does deserve the trifecta of maledictia: profanity, vulgarity and obscenity. Points to you if you know the difference in those three things.

It looks like things get fixed and then get broken again in short order. One update will fix it, the next update will break it again. Specifically, I mean about base assaults in multiplayer. It seemed to be fixed, working as intended, just an update ago…and now it seems to be broken again, or at least to be unreliable. It also makes me wonder just how much they can change on the back end, versus what changes will require a user to download an update on their end…

As for the eating of frogs, it would seem to me that the devs should try to balance the work load a bit more. Don’t just eat the frog, or the cake. Have a bit of both. If you fix just one big thing in an update, it doesn’t look or feel like a lot of progress is being made. If you fix a big thing, and a few little things, then it does look and feel like more progress is being made. And if the little thing is just as simple as changing a 7 to a 3, no more and no less, how long does it take? How much focus does it remove from the bigger task? 30 seconds, 5 minutes? Maybe I’m understating it, considering I’m not right there to see what the code looks like or how hard the work may be, but a little more tangible progress in certain places really would be much appreciated by the community… I realize full well they do get more than just one thing done at a time, it’s just an example.

Speaking of which, 10 Harvesters? Seriously? But, even in this co-op centric game, the kills aren’t shared in co-op? So each player has to kill a separate 10 Harvesters? So, in a dedicated group, that’s so many per player? Too much… Either these big tasks need to be made Weekly instead of Daily, or they need to be cut down to size…and if they’re just a number, just how hard is it to do, just how much time does it take to adjust it?

I have previous experience modding other games. Mission editing and creation, map making, scenario and event scripting, trader inventory tweaking, weapon adjustment and rebalancing, tweaking of other items, tweaking of vehicles, alteration of visual and sound files, etc. All that is a far cry short of actual game development and design, but it does give a person some insight into what it takes, how much time small problems with simple solutions take versus big problems which require complex fixes…

When I was working on a big problem, if I spent too much time working on just the one thing, there was the risk of getting burnt out on it…work too hard, for too long, and productivity falls. For a change of pace, a break, I would occasionally shift gears and go to work on something else—track down a simple fix somewhere else, and test things to see how it all worked out, get something done that was more quickly and easily achievable to give myself some small victory to reinvigorate me before going back to the big deal. I have to imagine that shifting gears and swapping tasks may well benefit proper developers just as much as it did a mere modder…