FMTEL reward packages missing on PS5

Worked fine up until the start of the current week. Individual daily assignments (easy/medium/hard) still appear and can be completed, but the bar with the reward packages (tick/hunter/tank) is missing suddenly.

Game version is up to date, and I’m connected to the Internet. Can anyone else on Playstation confirm the issue?

I am experiencing on PC (Steam) the same issue since Hotfix 3.

I am on ps5 and rewards are there but not bonus for like tick level

it’s usually four 3 crown items, But not always, sometimes just some items

That’s what I meant with reward packages. Looks like we have the same issue

Sure. But this isn’t about what’s inside the tick/hunter/tank reward packages, but that they are literally missing. Together with the progress bar

the progress was missing for me also, Monday & Tuesday, but today Wendsday it’s there on my PS4, :neutral_face: it’s there for me anyway

the progress barwas missing for me also, Monday & Tuesday :confused: today got it showing up

Yep. Same here, reward packages and progress bar appeared again – but the bar is still at 0, even though I finished two days of daily missions :sob:

Since there wasn’t any client update in the meantime, I guess the issue was server-side?

the Tank package for the week will be impossible :roll_eyes: owell, — Tick takes 6 points at 1 day — Hunter takes 12 points at 2 days — Tank takes 18 points at 3 days

I assume we lost two days this week because of the update, or because of an issue leading up to the Lunar New Year event that is supposed to start today/tomorrow.

because of Monday & Tuesday :confused: I will be short 6 points, owell, it is what it is,