FN Minimi (7.62mm) LMG, Steyr Aug (3-in-one)

Belgian’s Fabrique National Minimi 5.56/7.62mm
Made in the seventies, used by Sweden in the eighties, was an “improved version” of the 5.56mm Minimi (Mini MItrailleuse).
SAW (or M240/249 type) light machine gun.
Weight in between 7.5+ to near 9KG depending on the version.
5.56mm versions: 700–1,150 rounds/min
7.62mm versions: 680–800 rounds/min
860 to 720 m/sec muzzle velocity
Up to one klick (kilometer) accurate and lethal range.
Does have scope top rail on some versions.
Up to 1klick 500 range, not that accurate and less lethal, still quite painful.
Having no LMG ingame I would surely suggest this weapon.

Steyr Aug:
Basically a “tree-in-one weapon” (barrel switch): Carbine, Bullpup Light Assault, Sniper
Each barrel type has it’s ammo: 9mm Parabellum (Sniper version), 5,56mm (Light Assault version), 7.62 (Carbine version)
Weight in between 7 to 8.6kg.
680–750 RoF, has also 3 round burst and semi-auto.
Muzzle velocity is 950kmph
Range is 250 to 1700meters (depending on the barrel used).
Has 1.5 integrated, not interchangeable scope.
Would be a nice high-powered multi-role (universal) alternative to LAW, Carbine and Sniper (weapon should come with the three barrels).


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There are lots of guns that could be cool to have in the game. The three in one for the AUG that you mention is basically true for both automatic carbines right now, as the game has a variety of different optics, barrel extentions and magazines.

I personally think the devs goofed when they introduced the guns they did. To give the game a period correct arsenal of weapons, they’ll have to start introducing stuff that’s worse than what they have now.

Mauser Rifle
Pistol m/40


Well, maybe…
Thing is, no one ever gonna want worse, right?

Otherwise, the minimi (both ammo sized versions) were used by the eighties Sweeds army, still are, though in a later version.
No less than 78 countries use it, and for BLOODY good reason.
FN makes AWESOME weapons (quality-wise) and sometimes even awesome to look at.
Think of the FN P-90, a submachine rifle for ambidextrous use, wont ever hook to your gear or belts, has drop-down shell expell, and in use by many countries as well.
Hell, seeing the game is very late 80’s, it could even get in the game, seen from era/time alone.

But even the FN Fal and FN Falo were just the best, or among the very best.

If you take a look at the FN (Fabrique National Belgium) weapons ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_Herstal ), you simply can’t take Belgium out of the better weapon makers out there.
Supreme over-all quality, accuracy, simple maintenance (thus quite user-friendly) and adaptable, Belgian weapons are prefered over many others, from law-enforcement to armies.

Personally, I was a full Lt in the Belgian army, Belgian Para unit, 2nd Linie, Marches Les Dames, where from the very start, I took the FN Minimi 7.62mm as my personal weapon.
Sure, they did give me the sodding FNC (the FN version of the M16, you could say), but it felt too light for me, too underpowered as well, and not that great to aim with.
I called it “the pussy-rifle”, as, to me, “only kiddies would wield such a toy”.
I dropped it of at the Master Weapon Officer, told him I wanted something heavier, and he gave me the 5.56mm Minini.
Quite an improvement, heavier than the FNC (about 3.8kg dry vs the 7.4 kg dry for the Minimi 5.56mm), but it felt… weak… when shooting.
The Master Weapon Officer then gave me the 7.62mm (8.4kg dry), and it was even more stable than the 5.56mm when shooting.
I very soon learned (they thought us to shoot in bursts preferably), to shoot shot per shot with it, which was not quite what it was build for, and thus not that easy to master.
Went to the MWO, asked if i could make a few changes, with him overlooking the operation, and assisting me where needed, I created a “hair trigger”, as well as adding a 5-15x40 scope to it.
I began to use it as a “prone used sniper rifle”, carrying a modified M240 SAW ammo box as feed.
Which I prefered over belt feed, as this restricted movement during shooting.
I also brought the support back by almost 20 cm, to even allow more aim movement.

When I was medically discharged after a 30 meter drop during an abseil (broke all bones in my body, even my skull had several cracks), this virtually was the only thing I truly missed: my “sniper rifle”.

For the game though: we have from revolver to semi-auto pistol, from SMG to Assault Rifle, from hunting rifle to sniper rifle, even a bloody LAW (the Gustav bazooka).
The only thing missing?
The frikken LMG class!!!
And honestly, only ONE weapon could fill that one in: the FN Minimi 5.56mm and 7.62mm (as proof I point to 78 countries using it, as well as the Sweed Army in the eighties).
I would suggest, for both ammo versions to have only ONE weapon, but with different barrels, much like the Barrel Extensions for the AR’s.
This is basically how it works in reality: the base it fit with a different caliber barrel.

Now, as for the Steyr Aug…
This 5.56mm rifle was owned by us, and I was amazed by it’s performance (ESPECIALLY compared to the FNC).
When I took it up, it was like, yep, just the next pussy rifle, a kids toy.
Removed the 5.56mm barrel, placed the 9mm Parabellum barrel.
Went to the firing range, clicked in a mag with ten rounds, chambered a round, and got surprised: when I shouldered the weapon, I expected again some sway, but not with this one.
The shouldering was quite awesome, and for one due to the grip system.
While the FNC also features a “pistol grip”, the Steyr Aug seems sturdier, and allowed more pressure to the shoulder, which stabilized the whole.
Another thing I loved about it: the build-on scope.
Featuring an “only” 1.5x scope, aiming became FAR better.
And the 9mm Parabellum rounds gave a harder kick than I would expect.
The round went nicely to where I had aimed (target was 125m away) and scored a perfect headshot.
And not once, I pulled it off 8 out of ten rounds.
Still, though a fairly impressive rifle, I almost felt like it was an airbucks from some fair attraction.
The Minimi is made for mid- to long range fire suppression.
If an enemy begins a run for your location, or you need to cover retreating troops, this will force the enemy back into cover and thus halt their progress.
Knowing this, the Minimi being effective up to 1klick, it was just dead logic to me to turn it into a “mass-round-mag semi sniper” which had suppression fire as option.
I took on targets from 500 to up meters, and with fairly impressive results (this thanks to the 5-15x40 scope, note) in both non-combat as in-combat usage.

No matter, point is, both weapons would be a nice add-on to the game.
Which is why I made this post in the first place…

I’d prefer them balance the existing weapons, which in a class are all pretty much the same right now. You could have a single pistol, SMG, sniper and auto rifle right now and it would make little difference. The only really outstanding gun in a class right now is the AG5. Otherwise, all guns within the same type are pretty much identical.

Adding more guns that take the same existing ammo would really only be adding visual differentiation in terms of 3D models without adding anything to the game.

The AUG would be an interesting concept, especially since you can remove and replace a barrel in seconds. You could have other caliber barrels as attachments that could be hot swapped for whatever ammo is available.

That is what another post is addressing: revamping of range.
Also, the damage is not quite the same per ammo size, but rate of fire has to be taken into account as well.
Still, you make a valid point, I took out a seeker about 200m away, with a grey Moller.
I TRULY hope the Devs will address this.

As for damage/round: this should be revamped too, to be more in line with reality, while still having the game’s balance in mind.
We simply CANNOT have players killing a FNIX hunter in one shot.

If they revamp the range, btw, you will VERY much notice the difference between the weapons, trust me.

Thank you for your response, you hit a nail right on the head here!

The same should be done with the Minimi.
To swap ammo size, swap the barrel.
We can use the weapon’s base, and add the preferred barrel.
This would save out one slot in the inventory (2 weapons = 4 slots, 1 weapon and 2 barrels also = 4 slots (see Barrel Extension)).

Ksp 90 (FN Minimi) wasn’t used in Sweden until early 90s. It would also be highly unlikely to find a Steyr Aug.

The only weapon I’m missing in the game right now is the Ksp 58 (FN Mag) and maybe the Pansarskott 86 (AT4).

Sadly I lost the link, where it stated both the Minimi versions was in use since the later eighties…

Ok, I wasn’t sure so I checked the Swedish armed forces website and it says early 90s. This is the only info I have found so far.

I looked into it and I know it was in use in Sweden for sure in the early 90s, but can’t find info on the exact date it went into service as the KSP90. I think a couple of years could be overlooked for the sake of gameplay though. lol

The AUG was never used in Sweden though.

@Skierffe @Crunchmeister

I quote: "Ksp 90, Belgium/ Sweden, Light machine gun, Ksp 90Ksp 90B, Unknown, 1980s-present

Clearly states 1980’s. :slight_smile:
I believe, could be wrong, the Kustjagarna (spelling???) were the first to adapt this magnificent piece of art…

Now, the Steyr Aug on the other hand.
THAT is an entirely different story.
It has not been used, AT ALL, by Sweden.
I was thinking to add it as suggestion though, as a SUPER RARE weapon (a Unique).


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Why would the game have a 7,62 minimi?
Sweden’s 7,62 machine gun was the FN MAG, which of course should be in the game.

Read the post above, and the link.
Minimi = 80’s.
They ran both at the time, switching from MAG to Minini, which took a bit.
Mag though as well could/should be entered.
Minimi is the “improved” LMG.

Sorry, but I trust this page more than your wikipediapage. Clearly states the beginning of the 1990s. :slight_smile:

You are correct that it was first used by Kustjägarna and Flygbasjägarna.

In the nineties the Minimi was fully introduced, that could be true, but from what I understood, it began earlier?

If I see how the Fal and FalO was changed over a period of 6 years in our army, well… :slight_smile:

I’ve done military service in Sweden.

Sweden N-E-V-E-R used the 7,62 minimi. Until this day, the MAG is the only 7,62mm machine gun (apart from the MG3’s that were mounted onto Sweden’s Leopard 2 tanks). These guns were modernized 10 years ago and there have been considerations to upgrade it again with a lighter stock, bipod and shorter barrel.

FN Minimi is designated the Ksp 90 in Swedish service and was only ever used in its 5,56mm configuration. It was trialed in the 80’s, but didn’t officially enter service until 1990.


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Hmmm, now that could be a point there.
When mentioning the Minimi, I did not really think about that.

I saw the link, mentioning Minimi, and so I figured it was about both versions.
The Swedish Army not including the 7.62 never came up, so yeah…

Thank you for sharing, most appreciated.

Question though: about the 5.56mm version, should this be included in GZ as 5.56mm alternative to the FN Mag?

I mean, other weapons have alternatives, going from that idea.

taken that all guns have to be used by sweden, i suggest the Rheinmetall MG3, designated Kulspruta (Ksp) m/94 as a weapon to be used instead of the Minimi.

The minimi itself was never used by sweden. They used a modified variant, made by Bofors Carl Gustav and was designated as the Kulspruta 90 or Ksp90.

while i agree on the need of a LMG in this game, I do not really think we need another carbine/AR, unless we get a M1A1 carbine style primary weapon that uses a 9mm pistol cartrige

what i do think we should get, other than that MG, is:
1: an automatic pistol, to have a short range self defence weapon in the secondary slot
2: a grenade launcher, lobbing explosive over hills
3: an SMG equivalent of an LMG with a magazine size of at least 70 shots.

Some older weapons like the swedish mauser or other older swedish weapons would be nice, i also believe their should be static weapons about at checkpoints or bases , like .50 calibers, FN mags on tripods or Milan/eryx missiles i dont know what sweden was using at the time for Crew served AT launchers

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That would make us far too OP I guess, these static weapons.

It’s a nice idea, mind, but we need to take balance into account as well.