FNIX Base Assault - how it works (spawn rate, level, loot etc.)

Ok, now that the hotfix is out on Steam, maybe we could talk more about how this system actually works.

I’ve gotten a few bases to spawn, but there’s still some unknowns:

  • How do you see the level of the FNIX base? (I could see that one had a “dotted ring” around the icon, I believe this was max level with 4 shield generators)
  • Can you get cement from the lowest level bases? (I believe this was the case earlier, but now I don’t get any cement from newly spawned bases)

For the seeing of the level, keep an eye on the centre of the icon for them. Itll start with only the bottom third filled in, then progress to the middle being filled in then finally being fully filled in for max level.

Cant say anythin for cement since all i have is max level bases for something later.

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Thanks for the tip on base level - I’ll have to note the icons more closely. And then you’re also set, because I’m pretty sure you’ll always get cement for max level bases - at least I have gotten it so far.

Yes, I recently got cement from a lvl 1 base.

The fact about the icon is ok, but it should be more clear. Not everyone has as good eyes :wink:
And, but it could be a Playstation related bug, my friend wasn’t able to see these diffences in the icon when he was in my game. For him they looked all identical.

Maybe the devs should add an info-screen like the rivals have. There could be some additional info what you should expect in the specific lvl of a selected base.

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Interesting Madchaser - maybe I’ve been unlucky.

Anyway, from what I’ve tested so far, I think the most time-effective way to farm Cement is to assault Medium (Lvl 2) FNIX bases, and do Base defense on Easy.

Easy base defense is a walk in the park, and still gives at least 15 cement. Medium base assault takes some time, but should give ~20 cement each time. I did Easy base assault 2 times without getting any cement, so this seems hit and miss.

Normal/Hard base defense and Hard base assault gives a little more cement, but not enough to be worth it for the extra time and destruction in my opinion.

Interested to hear your experiences. :sunglasses:

Do they all take 20 control points to claim?

Do they all only give 10 control points when you destroy a FNIX controled point, such that to claim a base you must have destroyed it twice etc.

What change to region score is nescessary to unlock defense missions on claimed control points?

Are FNIX claiming unclaimed control points influenced by anything, region score etc.?

Yes and yes.

The higher your region score, the higher probability that both base defense and base assault missions will spawn. The exact spawn rate is random, so you’re not guaranteed a spawn of either type. But as long as you grind up the region level, they will spawn eventually (now that spawn rate has been fixed).

How do you take down the base? I wasted 2500 rounds of 7.62 just for them to respawn over and over

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Personally I recommend bombing the walls with a suitable rocket launcher. Be wary of the enemy respawners (glowing purple) and take them out quickly to avoid getting swamped.

Take out the power generators (they have red pillars of light above them) so that the main core is vulnerable, then destroy it.


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How to take down a FNIX base? Bring plenty of ammo, and attack strategic points first.

  • Find the machine spawners and turrets first and destroy them
  • Then find the power generators (there are 2, 3 or 4, depending on the base difficulty) and destroy them
  • Finally attack the Command Center in the middle (can only be damaged while it’s not glowing red and stay away from aerial bombardment)
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i spent literally half an hour shooting the middle thing with RLG-7 rounds
I built 59 and shot 49

Yeah, you need to take care of the shield generators first. And after that, the center will still only take damage when it’s not glowing (it has some periods after taking damage when shield comes back up).

I’m sure you’ll figure it out. :+1::sunglasses:

Ok so gas can the whole thing and hope it works. Nice!

Does anyone have screenshots of the different components to focus on when taking down a base?

Not right now, but I can make a video next time I get one … :sunglasses:

@tene made a video about this… I think it’s this one


Of course - should have thought of that … :grimacing::sunglasses:

From what I’m seeing, only the shield generators respawn. So long as you don’t destroy the core or the purple enemy respawners, you can keep farming enemies at the FNIX bases to increase your region score enough to spawn the Reaper