FNIX Base Assault - how it works (spawn rate, level, loot etc.)

So I’ve played the Forest region from level 3 to level 15, without a single FNIX Base spawning.

What are your experiences with this? Does the FNIX Bases spawn much slower than rivals, or am I just extremely unlucky? I’ve had at least 5 rivals in the same timespan.

I have 1 current Base Defence mission waiting, but I guess that shouldn’t have any impact, should it?

Thanks! :sunglasses:

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Ive had one FNIx base appear and ever since taking it out, not a single one since. Same with base defence, saved one for a while and completed before taking out the base, so far neither have made an appearance ever since. Im fairly certain both are bugged.

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Gunna jump in on this one as I’ve been steady at it since the update launched, one base spawned since none have spawned in roughly about 10 hours. Its hard to enjoy the “Base Assault Update” without the titular base assault. :pensive:
It would be very helpful when big features like this get added, that we get a more thorough explanation in the future on how the feature works and if there’s heavy RNG involved a heads up on things like that would be good for us to know.


Cheers Indominus and Tene! :sunglasses:

I’m sad to hear you “confirm” my fears, but on the other hand now it seems pretty certain that the update is broken. Let’s hope a patch will be issued soon!

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Happy to be of assistance my dude!
I’ve got a Youtube video up on the subject, so i’ll report here the end results of that to maybe help a bit for the nonforum users. :smiley: On a bright side i’ve had 3 reports so far of successful second base assaults, so it might not be broken for everyone…
It could just need some reassessment in its RNG or maybe if there’s a cool down thats outta whack, we’ll hopefully find out more as we go through this week if the team can get to this :pray:


I am on X box , and I have found 2 bases on my friends world, 1 initial base and a second one today but the base seemed a bit broke , almost all walls had holes in that we could just go through and shoot, and in neither base did we find any loot areas. The spawn rate is agonising as we spent 2 hrs online today and about 6 yesterday for only 2 bases? There’s only so many times you can grind the hunters and tanks at the IGA facility without getting bored

Now that I think about it, I actually also got 2 FNIX bases to spawn during the first session I played. But afterwards, not a single one after many hours of gameplay.

Just finally got another… I think the spawn rates are similar to getting KVMs in 5c, almost non existent.

Edit; finally got another base defence as well. I think the cooldowns are much longer than what they once were, Base assault having a similar time cooldown.

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I have the same symptoms. After playing FNIX Base several times, it stopped spawning. Also, the number of remaining rivals was shown as “1” even though the number of rivals on the map was 0.

I had two level 1 bases in the forest region and after finally destroying the first one, the 2nd one got levelled up to lvl 2 as it seems !? Got a message about it and now the icon on the map is showing two red bars. The two spawned in a somewhat short time span though. :man_shrugging:

You can’t always be sure that rivals stay within their region. I bet it’s a loose rival that has run off somewhere else. When you click on the “Rival Profile”, you can see the region it belongs to. I’ve had Forest region rivals running around in the South Coast and Mountains. :sweat_smile:

I had spawned my first Fnix Base in Forest Region really fast. I don’t know how this has happened but i think i have killed many Lynx, Wolfs and Hunters. Can it be that they spawn like rivals? Or do they spawn when you enter a certain area. The Message that a FNIX Control point spawns was like the spawning of an Rival.

They’re supposed to spawn in just like Rivals, yeah. Kill kill kill.

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I also have a rival that is supposed to be in the forest region but there are 0 on my screen. I have rivals in other regions and I get the notifications when he level up. It is Oxen so it must be a Harvester. I do not know the class but he is now Lvl 4. I will check and see if he has crawled off to some other region but I have never had that happen before. I have only had 1 base spawn in.

For what’s it’s worth on my side after watching Tene’s spawn guide I purged the Forest, 2 Reapers also spawned, and since then rebuilt back up to half way. Into 20+ hours now, and it’s a ghost town.

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About those missing rivals…
We had an update and after that they’re usually shattered all over the map. :man_facepalming: At least for me it is like this. That’s going so far that sometimes one can find “base map region” rivals on Himfjäll even though there’s no way they can get there “on foot” in a normal way. :man_shrugging:
Never found any foreign rivals in the Archipelago region though. :man_shrugging:

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I have not had one spawn yet after two solid days. I took the entire region back down to lvl 1 just to be safe. Im back at lvl 24 and nada. I don’t know what I am doing wrong here.

I have the same issue, nothing, nowhere.

The devs said that the bases are spawned proceduraly. It would be nice if they would let us in on the procedure.

Procedurally generated just means that the layout of the bases are randomized. They should be spawning the same way Rivals do.