FNIX needs a flying machine

I think FNIX needs its own flying machine (aside from seekers) to counter the Soviet firebird. I would love to see a large HK style flying robot like in the terminator series but with the Swedish machine angular style as opposed to the spherical and rounded Soviet machines.


Yeah, I like the hunterkiller-idea. I even made a suggestion about that in a topic about new and bigger machines some time ago.

BUT, a flying machine for fnix would need to be introduced in a good way, including an explanation.
Currently fnix just is limited to Östertörn (as far as we know*), as the machines can’t swim and fly. With a HK-like flying machine fnix could try to invade other countries, too.

And until now fnix wasn’t in need to have a flying machine. They destroyed all the swedish aircraft on Östertörn just with their existing machines.

And the current machines can also fight firebirds.

*Well, there still are the red containers and we don’t know if they probably got shipped to other countries, too… Or maybe even came from somewhere else.


We do know that the machines were shipped to the Swedish mainland as well from the shipping logs you find in the naval base in the mountain region. Since Russias introduction to the conflict could have spurred FNIX to mobilize its own air units to counter potential foreign involvement in Sweden.

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The flying machine could be created by fnix as a direct counter to combat the Russian firebird as you stated and the machine could be limited (for now) to the main island and maybe it’s surrounding islands due to not having a strong enough signal reach to fnix to go further away.