FNIX Rising content shown without the DLC and without finishing the main game

Hello all.

I destroyed a bunch of FNIX power plants at the South coast region and when following the power lines, I then discovered a huge turret and base called FNIX Central Nervous System #10011.

None of the gates opened, so I got in through the cliffs, but didn’t get back out after I’ve killed the robots.

I tried to google how to get out and it came out that the base should be part of the FNIX Rising DLC, which I don’t have and according to the text of said DLC, those buildings should appear only after the main story line and not during it.

“As your path leads you back to this previously explored area of Östertörn, you discover that the machines have been busy repurposing the landscape to fit their needs. Massive walls that make up fortifications, ominously glowing generators and the looming cable network are but a few of the structures you have sighted while sneaking through the area.”

Clearly the structures and base shouldn’t be there during the base game, or am I mistaken?

Platform: PC, Single player game.

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No, everything is fine.
The world looks everywhere and everytime the same and all revamps of the world affect every player at every point. Sadly. At some points I wish it would depend more on the players mission progress.

So, it’s correct that these structures are there, but the related missions and the ring fort underground base are locked for you.

From the wording of the DLC, I thought the world would be without these structures until I download and install the FNIX Rising contents. This feels like a bad design choice, but I can live with it.

Doesn’t make me want to play the DLC after the main story though, as I’ve already encountered everything and it also makes me feel like I’m missing out on something and makes the main story less enjoyable too.


When you’re on the cliff place a field radio on the top of the wall by the entrance. Go to your map and fast travel to the top of the wall. Then you can jump in or out of 10011. When I got there doing the same thing you did ( following the transmission wires), I came across the FINX Base but there was nothing in it one huge cannon and those rising towers coming out of the ground and destroyed them. Either 2 regular grenades or one RLG-7 Rocket Launcher will take them out.