FNIX Rising - New Generation Zero DLC

Generation Zero’s New Expansion — FNIX Rising — Launches June 23 on Steam

Experience new stories and challenges in the survival adventure game’s next chapter on PC, coming soon to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

STOCKHOLM — June 16, 2020 — Systemic Reaction, a creative division of Avalanche Studios Group, has announced that FNIX Rising , the second expansion for the atmospheric first-person guerilla action game Generation Zero , will be available for $7.99 on June 23 for PC via Steam, with PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions arriving later this summer.

FNIX Rising expands the narrative of Generation Zero while revamping the game world and introducing a number of new features and content. Six weeks have passed since the events of Alpine Unrest, and now players will have to grapple with the new landscape and strange structures the machines have built for unknown reasons. FNIX Rising includes 10 main missions with new NPCs, 10 additional side missions, and a new Harvester class. There’s also a new challenge tree, melee weapons, collectibles, and outfits.

“Over the past one and a half years, we’ve consistently focused on community feedback and enhancing the experience for players across all platforms. With FNIX Rising, we’ve enriched the world of Generation Zero even further. We believe players will enjoy making new discoveries and going head-to-head with these exciting challenges,” said Paul Keslin, Product Owner at Systemic Reaction.

The FNIX Rising update also features free content for all players, including world revamps to the South Coast and Farmland regions, four new apparel crafting levels, two melee weapons, and an additional challenge tree. The Generation Zero team has consistently added new improvements and fixes based on player feedback since the game’s release in 2019, which continues with this latest expansion.

Set in 1980s Sweden, Generation Zero opens with a mystery: the population has gone missing and hostile machines now roam the landscape! Explore a huge open world, scavenge for gear, and take on challenging missions to unravel what’s happened. Combine weapons, skills, and equipment against enemies on your own or with up to three friends in co-op to strike back against the machines.


Wow, that’s some intense stuff!
Sounds more like a Generation Zero 2 though…Or does this mean that the updates will also apply if you don’t buy the expansion right away? (As if I wouldn’t…)

Anyway, great job guys!

Worth the wait (xbox) and always worth the price !

Mmmmmmoist :woozy_face:


Melee Weapons, vehicles, new harvester, location of the mortars ahhhh!!!

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…and armoured car-thingy?


Must have been what Pontus meant last week. They knew this was coming today. Looks like the greedy PC players get it first as well. Typical


You console cretins could always grow a backbone and get on a PC with the rest of us :wink: :kissing_heart:



After 2 weeks of drama setting up my son’s A51 I learned to just be happy with what you have got. Trailer…look’s…epic.

@Avalanche_Pontus, as I’ve got a little time until Xbox release…any objection to me making a trailer myself for the DLC?

Looking forward to this!

I have a questions:

How will the DLC start ?

Will the world look like that from the start, will it change after the ending of the main story, or something else ?

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i guess we will see when the time comes. one hint could be the resistance camp being shown, a location to early on get things rolling.

Wow. Can’t wait for this!

Excellent work Devs!I can’t wait to come back to GZ;)))My respect for your hard work :+1::partying_face:

It Is sad that the PC gamers get it first but the amount of content in this makes up for it the story is just getting started my friend will be hyped about this and so am i




Wow. Awesome! I wish it was the 23rd already

From another thread:
Looks like a turn to becoming just another game…Vehicles running around with no consequences, silly melee weapons that could NOT damage a machine…Yep just another game…I get that is what the mob wants but I am going to miss the great unique 1980’s game. I guess when crafting & super weaponry were added with experimental guns the writing was on the wall. I just was in hope that the Development team would not make this JUST another game but it is clear from that trailer I am & have been very wrong.


I don´t like the idea about vehicles and melee weapons, but the rest seems very interesting, i´m glad they are not giving up on the game, i hope you don´t release it with new game breaking bugs or crashes.
@Avalanche_Pontus Could we get a more detailed DLC time of arrival for consoles? It´s already Summer, so…Jully? August?
I´m a bit sad it´s not at least one week later after PC.
Nevertheless congratulations to the GZ team for the continuing work and for a good and reasonable dlc price!


What was it before ?

There’s ONE heavily armored truck in the trailer that we’ll probably have to protect, why is this an issue ?

I would assume that getting it’s optics, cpu or cooling smashed by a sledgehammer would probably hurt a machine.

What do you want ?

I get that experimental weapons might not fit into the game, but what’s the issue with crafting ?

What should they make, in your opinion ?

How does the trailer show it will be JUST another game, what does this even mean ?