Fnix Rising or companion?

I’m in a dilemma, and I wanted your help, which one do I buy the fnix Rising DLC ​​or the company’s accessories?

FNIX Rising DLC is more worth buying IMO; continues the story for FNIX, gives more challenges to complete and gives more collectibles to gather. And for the trophy hunters, youll be able to gather the last few achievements that require it.


thanks bro, I’m going to buy it ( I just don’t buy the Company one because its AI is still very bad )

Of course it’s your descition.
Theoretically you could even buy both.

I personally think that the companion is almost (there is still the carry capacity) useless without the behaviour modules.

Ok, the rocket launcher is quite good. Doesn’t help much against everything above runners and lynx, but that’s enough. It’s at least very helpful in base assaults, too. The companion attracts many machines and its rockets blow walls away with just few hits.

Oh and the specialised armor really helps much keeping the companion alive.

Everything else in the DLC is just cosmetic and in my eyes not needed.