Fnix Rising PS4

Is there any news on when Fnix Rising will be related on PS4? Last I saw it would be out later in the summer but it’s now November so just wondering.

Normally when someone wants to know stuff, first thing to do is:
Go to google- Generation zero news- look for the latest news-read it-then if you don´t understand-ask to the Community.
November 5th, next time search better.

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Tad bit hostile man the OP made a post just because they possibly just didn’t know where to look. I realize google probably would have given the answer but as a community we are supposed to help people not criticize them. Much love love the game love the community no hard feelings bro I hope. :+1:t4:

Like stated above, patch releases November 5th. That’s this week, on Thursday.

With that question answered, we’ll lock this one. Thanks, @Mr_A1992.


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