FNIX robot loot tables (ammo)

Hi Team,

I’m experiencing some significant issues with the type of ammo dropped (as loot) available from FNIX robots

FNIX Hunters only seem to drop a couple of shotgun shells (various types) but mostly that Runners, Tanks and Harvesters are almost solely dropping .44 Magnum ammunition

Whilst I am occasionally getting some .243 or .270 soft point, and runners may occasionally drop some SMG ammo this is putting me on the weird position of needing to go way back to zones with Military type robots to farm 7.62 / 50bmg ammo, or scrapping the hundreds of .44 ammo I’m collecting to use for crafting

Is there some quirk of the loot tables which is making .44 ammo (secondary weapon) a priority over primary weapon ammo? While this can be round-about addressed via scrapping/crafting, it just seems odd to kill these machine gun wielding rocket firing machines only to find them holding, without fail, a few hundred pistol rounds?