Fog in the western part of the map

Hi there,

please delete this if there is already a post with this topic. I tried the search function but didn’t find anything related.

So my question in particular: Why is there so much fog in the western area of the game? The effect isn’t that bad, but I get a headache after a few hours looting. The fog is permanent even inside houses or bunkers. Is there a possibility to turn it of with the next update? I cleared the whole area anyway but it remains the least visited part of the game for me.
Is anyone else having issues with this?
The rest of the game looks great it’s just that one area that annoys me.
Please add an option for “removing” the fog in this area; I really like to visit this part more often or face the boss enemies there.

Thanks in advance. And keep up the good work.
Playing on Xbox One X and S. Can add screenshots if requested.

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