Foliage glitch?

Platform: PS5

Description: Grass and other ground foliage will flicker randomly as i walk around the map. This happens everywhere there is grass, and it happens quite often. It can be very jarring at times. I’ve included a link to a youtube video showing this glitch. It was originally a 20 second video but I cut it down for ease of use. All three instances shown in the video happened within that 20 seconds. I hope this report helps you in some way. I love the game and I’m looking forward to future updates!

Steps To Reproduce: Walking or turning

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Single player

Hi! Thanks for the response. I did try those steps initially, but with no success in fixing the issue.

Didn’t notice that yet on my PS5.
Do you have the game installed on internal or external memory? (Internal recommended due to speed)

Maybe it’s a local issue of the places you where, like some terrain holes here and there.
In that case, note the coordinates and post them.

On the other hand, let’s Hope the announced 60fps mode for PS5 will help resolving that.

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I originally had it on an external ps4 drive, but I reinstalled it on the PS5’s internal drive while i was attempting to trouble shoot. It unfortunately happens everywhere there’s grass or similar foliage. The attached video is from right outside the first farm safe house you get to in the story. I just happened to be there when i recorded it. Admittedly I’m not that far into the game so maybe it’ll clear up, but after 1/2 of the map explored the issue persists. It’s not going to stop me from playing but it is kind of annoying. A 60 fps upgrade is gonna be awesome.

Any news on that? I started the game again after about a year because of the 60FPS patch. This glitch never happened to me before but now after the newest update it really is 60FPS, but the ground and foliage flickers now and then, maybe 4-5 times per minute. Its pretty distracting. As it gets better for a while after a restart, it will probably be some cache not clearing? A memory leak?

Post a 5 minute video of this if you can, so the devs can see what is happening. :coffee:

I will try, but frankly after restarting the game completely yesterday it is much less common now so I got used to it. But if it becomes frequent again, I will make and post a video.

Ok so I played for about 30 min today and recorded 6 very short clips with the glitching visible, although at night, so perhaps not as much. It now happens every minute or more. In the last clip it happens twice with a quick succession.