Food coming to GZ?

Now I might have missed these, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this stove or these cans of food before tonight’s session??? :thinking:

Ive seen the can food in most safehouse near the floor beds, but have not seen the stove.

Yeah, nothing unusual about the food. The stove I don’t remember seeing before. But then again, I certainly haven’t explored 100% of buildings either.

Bought game day one , 3rd save game complete , have never seen Stove yet , until Northlander posted pic . :+1:

A survival game mechanism will be introduced?
Edit : I spotted my first stove today. In a small dilapidated hut in the South Coast.

Don’t think so. Highly unlikely

Are you a dev? I’m quite disappointed with your attitude towards what seems like EVERY post people leave on here. There’s times when I think I’ll interact with the community but I then think this carnivore character will jump into the thread with some triggered negativity. You are not the be all and end all authority on this game, you’re a moderator, and reason I rarely engage on forums

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I’m not a dev, just voicing what I think, AKA participating in a forum :slight_smile: I’m sorry you don’t like the way I interact with this forum. Can you tell me what I can do better? I’m always looking to improve.