For all you "Eagle Eye's" out there ->

Can anyone confirm what the engraving is furthest towards the business end of the AG5.

Hoping someone has a better graphics card that can help me out.



You probably need a 4K screenshot from a PC to get it really sharp. I can take a 1440p screenshot with all settings maxed, but not until tomorrow night.
The engraving is definitely the gun’s serial number, though, starting with 2 or 3 letters before the number by the looks of it. Not sure what the letters could mean. Might just be indicators of a time period of production. :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate I’d really appreciate that.

Here is one I made a while ago:

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That’s a nice shot,


From all the fotos

RN 12875 - 3 or RN 12375 - 3
RN stand for = Rad Nummer (Serial Number)
S.A. Fabbrik = Swedish Army Fabrik (Swedish Army Factory)
KAL 5.56 = Kaliber 5.56 (Self explanatory)


Outstanding. Above and beyond on the descriptions, thanks mate.

I just noticed…

Were you doing a MoonWalker tribute?