For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****


It’s in a big green truck near the table, up in the cab. I don’t remember if you can open the truck though unless you have the mission that leads you to it.


I went from Klinte to Muskudden, couldn’t get into the doors 'cos I hadn’t gone there for a mission, so went to Uttern(?), found the mission, went back, found the safe, opened it as you did and found a box with an Auto4 and an Auto5, both “worn”! But since they were in a box, rather than free-lying, that’ll be random, won’t it?

I found the Exceptional Auto5 in the little bunker where I told someone there was an eye-patch - close to Kilnte. But that was in a box too…


Yes, weapons in boxes will be random (you can also get attachments). I think the farther north you get, the more stars the weapons in boxes have, generally… :thinking:


That’s right, green boxes have military stuff (and attachments) in them, regular brown ones have civilian weapons. The farther north, the better loot.


There is a K-Pist, 4* or 5* in a building at a radio mast on the West Coast. It is on a shelf, and try as I might, I could not pick it up, 'cos it’s too high on the shelf and it won’t come to Papa. Does anyone know how to get it?


Hi Bootie, look here.


Hi Baz - what’s Blue? Is that grade 1,2, 3 or 4


Blue is 3 crowns :wink: They’re always so teasing, those free laying Kpists :joy: The condition of blue is “good”.


Yeah, just 3 crowns, but it is quite interesting to try to step at a well dropped canister :grinning: It seems to me one can jump at a crouching MP partner as well (haven’t tried).


Ach - got one! Never mind - but it looked really shiny…


Haha that would probably work! Just gotta get that precision jump just right :sunglasses: So far I’ve never tried mp at all in GZ. But when I do, this will be on the “list of more or less clever stuff to try”!


Yeah they do, don’t they. Shelf lying teasers. As of now I don’t have a Kpist in my inventory. I ran with one though for quite some time in the beginning (before I got the AG 4 :wink:).

I really like the Kpist, somewhat because I’m Swedish I guess. It’s super awesome. But the HP 5 has a special place in my heart and although I’m not that much of a SMG fan I’m thinking about keeping the five crown HP 5 when I find it :blush:


I’ve got one, and you can’t have it! :))


Haha, guess the score’s 1-1 then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The HP5 is nice for stealth builds actually. Slap a 5-crown suppressor on it and it’s quieter than the Klaucke, as well as being insanely accurate for single shots. I’ve started using it as a CQC weapon on a sniper build I started out recently, and I’ve been absolutely loving it.


Cool! Precisely, and a silencer is what I’m thinking I’ll put on it. Currently I have both the AG 4 and 5, thinking I will swap the AG 5 for the HP 5 :blush: I’m still on my first character, though I’ve created all four. Have just put some stuff I want to keep on them :wink:


There is an Exceptional 12G Pump Shotgun at coordinates -2950, -3250. There is a dead soldier under the terrace (there are 3-4 dead people on the floor), and underneath him is the shotgun. It’s half buried in the ground, so it takes a little fiddling to pick it up.


I missed the terrace bit! Your grid reference was actually 100m to the South of the crossroads, so I was searching there and having killed the robotic inhabitants (who offered me 200 rounds of .44 between them - who would ever need 200 rounds of .44?) I wandered about, finding 3 soldiers, but not the fourth! Right, better go back. Terrace, eh?


I missed it too, need to check closer me thinks…


As mentioned, the gun is basically buried into the ground. The only reason you can register it is there’s 2 “pick-up” icons on the dead dude… :sunglasses: