For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****


Klaucke 17


  • Yttervik - Kiosk, Roof.


  • Grantorp - Inside the truck west of the buildings.
    (Coordinates: -582, 3199)
  • Villa Kaseberg - Inside the house, on the second floor.
    (Coordinates: -2099, 2632)
  • Klinte - Inside the basement of the apartment complex


  • police car close to hagaboda
    (1081.439, -3865.288)

.44 Magnus


  • Inside the Minken Command Bunker.
    (Coordinates: -2024, 2480)

(will update the coordinates soon)


  • At a radio mast on the south coast. (Will be updating coordinates soon.)


  • Inside Torsberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4543, 4492)


  • Outside FOA 2 on shelf
    (Coordinates: -2368, -3439)

12G Pump Action


  • Iboholmen Church.


  • Inside the truck at Salthomen IP, driver’s side


  • South Coast, Fiskebäck. In the trunk of a police car.
    (Coordinates: -4543, 3703)

Sjöpvist Semi-Auto


  • Farmlands, Stora Dyrba Safehouse.
    (Coordinates: -1109, 8)


  • Inside Torsberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4500, 4497)

Kpist SMG


  • South Coast, south west. Hisings Udde.
    (Coordinates: -5622, 4361)

  • Behind Saltvallen IP, in the forest, Loadout Storage.
    (Requires the “Loadout Storage Key” or Lockpicking skill)
    (Coordinates: 1670, 3264)


*Farmlands, south west. In a small building, behind a locked door (must pick the lock).
(Coordinates: -1826, 1609)



  • Can be found in Torsberga Fort.


  • Shed at North Radar Mast
    (Coordinates: -200, -4190)


  • Von Ulmer’s House.
    (Coordinates: 1880, -2450)

Meusser Hunting Rifle


  • Mörtnäs Homestead.



  • Angeras Church (far west on the big main island, on top of the belltower, -4080, 1774)

Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle


  • Kaseberg Ruins.
    (Coordinates: -2003, 2702)


  • Ruins near dead soldier.
    (Coordinates: 1603, -3357)

Pansarvarnsgevar 90


  • F23 Överby Air Base - Inside the weapon storage
    (Requires mission: Flying Blind)


  • Arkelstorp - Lighthouse, Top Floor.
    Coordinates 2550, -3840

Al - 76


  • Klinte - Basement, Apartment Building.


  • Ålnästet - Dock, Boat. (Requires mission: The Enemy of my Enemy)

Automatgevar 4


  • Vesslan Command Bunker
    (Coordinates: 1522, 3775)


  • Saltholmstungan
    (Coordinates: -112, 3300)
  • In the woodworkers shed near start


  • Norrmyra Artillery Base
    (Requires mission Contraband to unlock marked container)
  • Сan be found in a green truck container
    (Coordinates: -2653, 3564)


  • Muskudden Port Complex - Inside a locked safe in the ammo storage.

Automatgevar 5


  • Farmlands, south west. Inside an unmapped building behind a locked door (must pick the lock).
    (Coordinates: -2155, 1345)



  • Norrmyra Artillery Base.
    (Requires mission Contraband to unlock marked container)
  • South Coast, south west. Inside Tosberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4631, 4338)
  • Inside Torsberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4500, 4497)

Granatgevar m/49


  • Salthamn naval base (In the gas room).


  • F23 Överby Underground Bunker (In the gas room).


  • Inside Torsberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4511, 4504)


  • In the half-submerged container.
    (Coordinates: -2515, -4318)


  • Östertörn Bridge
    (Coordinates: -1363, -4828)

if you have found any others then please comment and i will add them

got some from here the rest i have found

How Many Relay Beacons?
HAs anybody found the second weapon on Saltholmen Naval Base i only found the rocket launcher, i search everywhere and no luck
Gold AK not there?
Regarding the 5 crown AI-76 (Spoiler warning I guess)

This is a great list! Good work.


Personally, I would go out of my way to get some of these weapons, but the coordinates I can’t figure out which one to follow.


Hi, I am in Alnastet, I killed a couple of FNIX Hunters and Runners, died three times, escaped a Tank, picked up a collectible wooden poney but I cannot find the boat with a Gold AI.
Help plse.
EDIT : I found the docks, I found the right pier (watched a video on youtube), however the boat is missing :sob: . Playing PC, solo, June release.


It only spawns after you’ve done a certain story mission.


Killing FNIX Harvesters and Tanks may give you (if you are lucky) the special weapons grade. Before the June update I had; Kpist, AG4, AG5, 12G Pump Action, Klaucke 17 and Pansarvärnsgevär 90, all special grade. :grin:


I try to do that. I have bought the related skill, two levels, but my best loot was X-ray sensor, no weapons. I must hunt more big game.


Worn Meusser hunting rifle can be found as part of the mission ‘The Hunter’ in the Björknas homestead (so, if you’re careful and play smart, you can actually get a worn one pretty easily before you could get the dilapidated one).


Also, there’s a Kpist SMG (unknown quality, I can’t pick it up due to some sort of bug) in the same green truck as the Automatgevär 4 at -2653, 3564 (and for those who care, the location is listed as Småbåtshamn).

Worn .44 Magnus can be found in Fiskbäck, in the truck you have to search as part of the mission ‘Safe Harbor’

Worn HP5 can also be found in Fiskbäck, near the aforementioned truck.


I have found a gold Klauke in a police car, close to the radio mast not far from Hagaboda. While this mast appears also in the quest Loud and Clear, I could pick up the pistol BEFORE taking the mission, just after killing some runners keeping the spot.

I thought is was a largely known location for a gold weapon, but I could not find any report here, so I am writing this.


thanks for that @Bazyl


would you be able to get a screen capture of the map and try to find out the quality if you can


could anyone check out these weapons and send a screen capture of the map and tell me the quality


Just found a worn Kpist at Hisings Udde (approximate coordinates -5627, 4362. It’s on a table in the green building there right next to one of the mixtapes.


As mentioned, I for some reason can’t pick up the Kpist at Småbåtshamn, but it’s literally right across from the Automatgevär 4 you’ve already got listed at -2653, 3564.

As for the HP5 and .44 Magnus in Fiskebäck, both are right near the police car you can find the 12 gauge Pump Action in. I’ll try and get a map screenshot posted later today.

The worn Meusser at Björknäs is kind of hard to miss if you’re following missions. Approximate cooridnates are 3788, 1813. I don’t remember the exact location in the house there, but I think it’s on the first floor by the bottom of the stairs.


A good .44 Magnus can be found at Hisingafyren, approximate coordinates -5685, 4507, right next to the mission completion item for the mission ‘To the Lighthouse’.

A good Automatgevär 4 can be found at -2420, 1725, lying on the lap of a dead soldier at the front of a green car.

A good Kpist can be found at 285, 1140 in a locked shed.


I think that Kpist it is a prop and meant not to be picked up. I can be wrong tho :thinking:


If it is then it’s still a bug, because it shouldn’t be showing the icon or yellow outline if it can’t be picked up.


As we say in Sweden before and on the hunting season to other hunters: “Skitjakt på dig!”
:grin: (“Shit hunt on you!”).
Or just “Shit hunt!” for short :hugs:


There’s a worn Klaucke and a worn Automatgevär 5 inside the military convoy at -1300, 1320.