How many locations are there to be discovered?


I think i have close to the max number (if not all). 278 for me.

My stats


I corrected my numbers, which I typed in wrong.


I think my stats are a bit wacky then


Is there a locations guide at all?


Dunno i might make a list


You mean; go there, pick up that weapon?

If so, then many have tried to make that guide but so far, all have given up before completing it.
Here’s one example: Weapon locations with screenshots
Roughly similar attempt was made here: Completing locations - All weapons
Most extensive list is here: For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

Good luck with that.


I already started, but it a lot of work… :rofl:
And the problem is, what is an location? The location that gives a prompt on screen, or is the place with the stones in a heart shape on Iboholmen Island also an location (discovered)? But that doesn’t prompt a name when I go there. I will, for now go with the first.


If 8 people committed and took a region each it could be done.

It’s a lot for one person to pull together - but I think for clarity down the line one should be done.


lets get a team together


Can you load up your map and check a safe house for me?


Dammit i loaded it up and got into a massive fight and completely forgot :pensive: :neutral_face:


Any safe house - pop the co ordinates here


Or you can look all the safehose co-ords from here: How many safe houses are there?


I wish it was as simple as that.

I’ve got some guys my end now checking. I didn’t realise 15 seconds of someones time was too much to ask - but I will follow this up shortly to explain. Hopefully a simple answer to a weird scenario my end.


Right, follow up time.

Not one single safe house listed above is the same co-ordinates as my game.

I checked with 4 other Xbox players, last night and despite all of us running v.1831033 - somehow all have different co-ordinates. I’m happy to chuck the " Xbox Safe House Locations" in a thread - but it will only be a picture of them all written down along side the guide above.



How different?

Like, drastically different?


Well, they are all different so unless console is meant to have its own set of co-ordinates I’d say it’s pretty drastic that there are multiple versions of a map.



Whoa. Just…whoa.


mans made a whole list.


The coordinates aren’t exact, but approximate. If I use them I always get to the right place. How do you take exact coords? I stand in front of what i see and put my mouse in the middle of my pointer, and read the coords. So it not a different map but my work is obviously not good enough. I just finished an extensive list of locations with the same aprox. coords. If they get you to the right place, isn’t that ok?