How many locations are there to be discovered?

I wonder how many there are for main game and the 2 DLCs
How many do your stats show?

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answer, no your stats are useless, apparently I have been to a few thousand locations
Edit: from marks answer i would say that we have no idea and are not helping

I have 254. I have not got them all though.

Hmm thousands! So we can’t depend on them? My stats says I have discovered 283 and have 281 completed. I have only played with one character, so I shouldn’t have duplicates I thought. I’m trying to find the ones that I need to complete.

Edit: I wrote the numbers wrong :crazy_face:

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I think i have close to the max number (if not all). 278 for me.

My stats

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I corrected my numbers, which I typed in wrong.

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I think my stats are a bit wacky then

Is there a locations guide at all?

Dunno i might make a list

You mean; go there, pick up that weapon?

If so, then many have tried to make that guide but so far, all have given up before completing it.
Here’s one example: Weapon locations with screenshots
Roughly similar attempt was made here: Completing locations - All weapons
Most extensive list is here: For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

Good luck with that.

I already started, but it a lot of work… :rofl:
And the problem is, what is an location? The location that gives a prompt on screen, or is the place with the stones in a heart shape on Iboholmen Island also an location (discovered)? But that doesn’t prompt a name when I go there. I will, for now go with the first.

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If 8 people committed and took a region each it could be done.

It’s a lot for one person to pull together - but I think for clarity down the line one should be done.


lets get a team together

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Can you load up your map and check a safe house for me?

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Dammit i loaded it up and got into a massive fight and completely forgot :pensive: :neutral_face:

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Any safe house - pop the co ordinates here

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Or you can look all the safehose co-ords from here: How many safe houses are there?

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I wish it was as simple as that.

I’ve got some guys my end now checking. I didn’t realise 15 seconds of someones time was too much to ask - but I will follow this up shortly to explain. Hopefully a simple answer to a weird scenario my end.

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Right, follow up time.

Not one single safe house listed above is the same co-ordinates as my game.

I checked with 4 other Xbox players, last night and despite all of us running v.1831033 - somehow all have different co-ordinates. I’m happy to chuck the " Xbox Safe House Locations" in a thread - but it will only be a picture of them all written down along side the guide above.

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How different?

Like, drastically different?

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