Completing locations - All weapons

I trying to complete all locations. I have finished all missions, and side missions and all collectibles, but have not always found all weapons for each location. Today I was cleaning up Himfjäll Island, but I am stuck finding the 2nd weapon of two in the FOA 4 bunker. I found one weapon long a go and do not know where I found it. I have been going back once in a while, each time searched for that 2nd weapon. I guess it’s hidden pretty good. I hope it’s not down there with the radioactive green stuff. Anybody remember where those two weapons are?

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Which weapon do you currently have?

Climb on the scaffolding so you could go on the roofs

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Thanks, that was the one I was missing. A Grg m/49.
I also assumed that the weapon was inside the bunker, since the message find two weapons only popped up when I had entered the door off the bunker. Not when I entered the complex. I searched outside too but I never noticed the scaffolding.

Yeah most miss that one.

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I don’t know what weapon I already picked up. Was to long ago. But I found the 2nd one after a good tip from Alexohyeah.

My stats currently show 281 discovered locations. And I am wondering if there are still some more to discover. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are. :rofl: Of those 281, I have 22 not yet completed.

On the subject of locations -

Kalivaken ( Below Ibolhelm Church ) 0/1 collectable showing - but collectables at 100%

Salthelm Church 0/1 - weapon collectable collected from soldier by gravestone and not showing

Maybe they added one. Before there were 7 weapons on Måsskär resistance camp, but now there are 8.

No I found it last night.

Had to go back door, via offline spare character. It was there.

I have another 2 strange things. Trying to find åsötungan outpost bunker, but can find it. There are 4 weapons to be found. Have you found this bunker @AliasDJA?

And looking for 1 weapon in Farstaborg scrap yard. I found a container that has loot in it, but I can’t get in because it’s blocked from both sides. Could not find a weapon elsewhere on that location as yet. Any ideas for this one?

Sadly mate, I don’t recognise those names - which means it’s probably FNIX Rising DLC.

I can’t help anyone at the moment past base game it’s pretty annoying.

O, you’re on console. Never mind I’ll leave those for later.

How come you know the name but doesn’t know the location? :thinking:

Such a tease :rofl:

Good point though

I know because it’s on the map, but when I go look for it, it never says on screen I have arrived at the right spot where i have to find 4 weapons.

It's the most left bunker

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Haha, most be a language problem. Let me try to explain again, I know the map location but I can’t find an entrance that identifies with that bunker. All I get is Saltholmen Naval bunker.

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I think I now have all locations completed, except for three that have me stumped for now. Any help is appreciated.

  • Åsötungan Outpost Bunker (4 weapons) (A)
    Edit: Found the ‘actual’ location (thanks to a helpful member) And found 4 weapons.

  • Farstaborg Scrap Yard (1 weapon)
    Edit: Found weapon, Thanks @Admiralgamer

  • Stenungsnäs Generator (1 weapon) (SC)
    Edit: Saw the weapon on roof, but the generator ‘piston’ that normally goes up and down does not here, so I can’t use it as a lift… If only i could use this ladder… :smile: Anybody have that same problem? Or is there a way make it go up and down again?


I can help here the shotgun is poking out of the window of a car about northeast of the tractor you take the snowplough from. If you still can’t find it watch tenebris (and wired gaming’s) 10 top locations in the farmlands

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Thanks, I will check it out.