Weapon locations with screenshots



OK This is for now a WIP! Right now I’ll post weapon areas that drove me nuts to find all of them (Like Fort Torsberga) . Click arrow to see pic of location.

Weapon 1/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Weapon 2/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Weapon 3/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Weapon 4/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Weapon 5/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Weapon 6/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


Yes the weapon isn’t showing (.50 cal Sniper Quality 2) this is IN the tower

Weapon 7/7 Masskar Resistance Camp


the other weapons are a missile launcher in the cave and this at the end of the island


next area, Fort Torsberga 4 weapons.

weapon 1 in command area


weapon 2-4 in artillery tunnel (on way to Spike the Guns)


missile launcher was under him

Shotgun was under him
x-ray view

Noted the last two because lighting problems in Fort Torsberga (april update) required use of x-ray, IR or low light attachment to scopes.

Smabatshamnen weapons 3 (side-quest At Death’s Door)


rifle was under him

assault rifle was leaning here in truck

smg was on bench (crouch and look at pistol grip to grab)

Hisings Udde 1 weapon



in building on table

Fiskeback 3 weapons


In Truck next to backpack .44 magnus

shotgun in back of police car

SMG leaning on table

Savered Radar Mast

3 pics


outside building


mind you there’s also two weapon crates in the armory but you never know what will spawn there.
It was worth the exploration even if it had a Mil Tank as a guard dog!:laughing:

Angsnas Manor

2 pics

“Algstudsare” Hunting Rifle

Tricky to find, on top of the castle wall closest to the actual farm.

mission ‘The Fallen’ fighter jet. Not my normal but I was here.

3 pics


external shot

in the seat

Angeras church



was right beside the ammo container at the top of the bell tower.

This one goes to the side mission ‘Secret Cargo’

2 pics


Assault Rifle

Lennart’s Marin AB 2 weapons noted 3 available (Alpine unrest needed for 1? maybe)

4 pics


1st pistol in warehouse

2nd pistol next to civ on back where flashlight is showing is where I picked it up

3rd pistol again where light is is where I grabbed it

himsundsbryggan (Alpine Unrest needed)

2 pics


pistol .44 magnus

in the area where the light is

Marksatern (Alpine Unrest needed)

3 pics

Location - combat area across from trashed gas station


Automatgrevar 5 X2 (assault rifles)

Torunshogarna (Alpine Unrest needed)

2 pics



Klacksundsfyren (Lighthouse) (Alpine Unrest needed)

2 pics


M/46 SMG

note behind the lighthouse (if you still can’t find it I’ll post another view)

Osterhallen Marine Center 2 Weapons (Alpine Unrest needed)

3 pics


Assault Rifle

Hunting Rifle

best clue? look for refueling areas

Weapons Storage Bunker South of Stenmyra

3 Pics


M/46 SMG

I will add weapons as I find them - either before or after I grab it.

How many locations are there to be discovered?

Corrected topic title and added spoiler tag.


Small tip: how about putting the images under Hide Details tag, so that the screenshots wouldn’t stretch out the reply?

Like so:

Dyviks Udde Ferry Pier (Archipelago)

2nd screenshot of map is helpful to pinpoint the spot, if the 1st screenshot isn’t enough. Sometimes it isn’t.


Thank you will edit.


if you are looking for all the weapons then here is a list


Sorry the reason I started this was I couldn’t find what I was looking for (which was those placed weapons like Angsnas Manor) the areas that say like weapon 0/1 and you search and even look online but no-one has it or they might ask ‘I found 3/4 in torgertas fort where is 4’ but don’t tell where they found 1-3. So as I find the weapons I show location and a screenie of where the weapon is (or was if I grabbed it) I also try to pic the weapons that you find laying around. I am human so I miss things.


Osterhallen please. Can find 7/8.


Same here!
Got 7/8 in Osterhallan. Heard that there’s Kpist in a car right before Benny’s father house and it needs to be blown up to obtain it. But it’s empty. I’ve blown up that car for three times. Got all the guns in the house + rifle on the wall + one more weapon (don’t remember what it is).


5 in the house
1 on the wall
1 on the restaurant
1 outside on the porch between blue car


Sorry mate, which blue car?

You mean this one?

Because this is the only one that CAN SEEM blue. Otherwise, there are no blue cars.


No, was blue for me but in this picture it will be behind the Orange car - in-between that and the step’s leading up to the house. Guy on the floor, I think up against a wall - holding a SMG ( i think ) but THAT was the one I was missing.

Now just good 'ol Ibolhelm Church for them to fix and i’ll be at 100% map progression

This guy, right?

It’s not there. Could tell me more about the one in (or ON?) the restaraunt?


Yeah that’s him.

I’ll do a 8 picture screen shot of where they all are for you later mate


I can do you a video specific guide to watch and follow…let me know



You may take just one screenshot. The one with the weapon in the restaurant.


I’m pretty sure there’s only one other building in that area you can do it…has a load of tables and chairs…display counter and a guy against the wall with a shotgun next to him

But yeah I can get a screenshot up if your struggling


Is that a 50 CAL PVG at that archipelago pier?!?




It also should be the very 1st .50 cal you come across, given that you don’t miss the clever hiding spot of it.


I just got my first PVG over the weekend at the top of the lighthouse on the far western end of the North Coast region, 4 stars.

I’m saddened I missed that Pier PVG as I explored the Archipelago Region VERY thoroughly befire finally moving into Farmlands. I had Safehouse right at that pier i think! Finding that early PVG would have been, quite literally, a game changer.

Cool, thanks!




Also, what is its clever hiding spot? Is it not just laying on the pier like in your screenshot?


If you hike there and find the weapon (eventually), then you’ll see what i mean by clever hiding spot. :wink:
Also, my screenshot of it already tells quite a lot.



Ah, that’s corrugated metal, not a pier!

I will go take a look there soon, thanks!