For science.......Reaper takedown

It’s entirely possible to take down the Reaper,
Without dying,
On guerilla difficulty
Not targeting shield generators (two shoulder ones remained) and
Using only remote explosive Tick
Just that it took more than 2.5 hours as Ticks need to explode when shield generators are not active and about 200 Ticks, some RNG is involved as spawned Runner placement during Tick explosion impacts damage done to Reaper.
Longest Tick travel from player to Reaper was about 325 metres which is very close to Tick self destruction.
Total XP gained was roughly 3500 due to Runners dying during Tick explosion. Reaper sadly committed suicide as Tick was approaching else XP might have been higher.


Wow! Don’t think i’d have the patients! That should be an official achievement. Something about an elephant and a mouse :rofl:

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