For the love of God please increase storage

Please increase storage options beyond current limits. Like WAY beyond. This is a looting/combat game, but the storage limits (especially considering we have multiple bases including bunkers) are so artificially limited.

Using other characters as mules is annoying as they sometimes spawn in a different location then you left off and you can’t get to a box.

I really don’t think we need more than 400kg in the Plundra and 500kg in the recycling station. I’m a hoarder who saves a bunch of useless things because I’m worried I might need them at some point, and I still have plenty of room in both.

I don’t know if you know but you are able to upgrade the storages from the 200 they normally are.

You really do not need more than the storage already provided.

Not to mention the multiple ways of already increasing beyond what was intended that are available.


If you do have to have more storage you can always create another character and store like an additional 200 on them. Not as quick to access but you can store things that way

If I’m not mistaken, you can actually carry infinite amounts of items on each mule character. They won’t be able to move of course, but there’s no maximum weight capacity for characters.

I just find I’m running out of space constantly even with a fully upgraded Plundra and after getting rid of a lot of heavy items I don’t think I’ll use. I have 1 of each gun type and hang on to some of the higher end ammo and then scrap the rest, but my scrap storage is full as well.

You can, but the problem seems to be in some cases those characters will spawn in at locations where you can’t reach the Plundra. So now, you are stuck with 1000kg on a character and they are stuck in place.

By about mid game your fully upgraded Plundra becomes full and then it seems to be a constant cycle of trying to juggle the weight limits. I guess I’m playing wrong in your opinion…

No not playing wrongs I think we were just used to the old limits when the game first came out so for us now we feel we have a ton of storage.

Mine has not. I just simply make weight input = weight output.

Yes this is exactly what I meant and said. Thank you for extracting all that information out of the words that did not say that.

What worked before the upgrade should work after the upgrade as well.

If you just/still need more space you’re just too lazy to clean up your plundra but gather more and more stuff.

About the recycling station:
If it’s full, throw away everything you don’t need. Very simple.


Problem I see here is that, if they raise the cap, it’ll fill up in a week, and then we’ll be back here with people begging for another storage cap increase.

From what I’ve seen, the storage cap is an intentional balancing feature. You’ll just have to learn to live with it. 500 storage is more than enough to carry everything you’ll ever need.

My only complaint would be that Plundra storage is 400 while resource storage is 500; but that’s mostly a personal annoyance.


This. Exactly this. I said the same thing when they introduced the Plundra, then when they expanded it, again and again.

There was a time when we had no storage whatsoever. Just what you could carry, and it meant that you had to deal with critical choices as to your load out and what you scavenged and equipped.

Now you just pick everything up and dump it in to the plundra. I genuinely feel that while it improves the accessibility / broader appeal in some ways, the early iterations of GZ had a better core gameplay loop (for me) due to the inventory limitations.


Some descitions caused or influenced other descitions, I’d say.

What was first? Egg or chicken?

The introduction of plundra could have made the weapon-packs possible. The more weapon-packs they introduced, the more space was needed for storing the initial 3c items of each.
More and more items of each brought us the filtering and sorting options.

Now we are at a point where some players just want more space while others don’t know how to fill the space.

Additionally there came issues for game-design and story (why do you have all this weapon-pack items right from the beginning/the first plundra?) but technical issues as well.

My game often freezes when sorting or filtering in the plundra for cleaning it. Others have issues with automatically reappearing 3c weapon-pack-weapons in the plundra. Some others have bugs with the available space or not being able to upgrade the box.

In my eyes there have to be some general changes, especially regarding the implementation of the weapon-packs. Btw, I once made a feature request for that…

And of course, one part of the problem are we/the players, who want to have at least one part of everything stored there, even if we don’t use it or need it.

Did I mention that the weights of every item and especially weapon should have to be revamped as well? There are multiple topics about that.

Carry it or mule it.

96K is more than enough


I’m not sure how there is a need for more storage space in the plundra. The resource storage I understand because bases take alot of resources. That being said you can store 735 of every resource in a maxed out table. Going back to the plundra. I have almost every gun and attachment at every crown level (including all dlc) and it only takes ~300kgs of storage. If using the ammo salvage skill you find more than you use most of the time while hunting. There are the alternate characters that can hold one of every gun and attachment without being overweight. I really don’t think we need more storage just to really decides what you use and what you hoard just because.

I have over 30,000 of weapons, ammo and other stuff stored on my mules. I don’t for the life of me know why .
There is nothing in the game that would need you to use anywhere near half of Plundra or Resource Bench. If they fill up just dump half of it.
We don’t need more storage.