For the XBOX Family

Although the longer wait is sad news for xbox players, always remember it is just one of many games you can play. :coffee:
So you hang in there. What I am afraid of is, that the new feature is going to bring new things that can go wrong. Let hope that not going to be the case. :crossed_fingers:

btw, I have to like this later, since I spend them all.


While waiting the update and learning that it was pushed further down the road isn’t nice, there are improvements regarding past updates, IF Resistance update drops for Xbox in late Aug '21 or early Sept '21.

So far, the worst/longest wait has been for PS4 players and FNIX Rising.

  • late Jun '20 - FNIX Rising dropped for PCs.
  • late Aug '20 - FNIX Rising dropped for Xbox (2 months later).
  • early Nov '20 - FNIX Rising dropped for PS4 (4.5 months later).

Current situation:

  • early May '21 - Resistance dropped for PCs and PS4.
  • late Aug '21 - Possible Resistance drop for Xbox (3.5 months later).
  • early Sept '21 - Possible 2nd Resistance drop for Xbox (4 months later).

If i were a console player and when taking into consideration the past experience with GZ updates, i’d be buying a PC. :roll_eyes: (No hard feelings to any of the console players.)

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Welcome to the PC players club! :smile:

(Though, i get that it’s bad when your hand was forced by postponed update.)

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It’s even more bad, because he is on this PC a 8bit Vanguard.

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I’ve been keeping my friends updated on the status of this update and by now they think I’m pulling their leg :laughing:

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