Former player curious about builds

I used to play this game way back, but I took a break, got into another game, and when I came back an update made solo unplayable, so I quit. Been wanting to play again but two things prevent it;

  1. preferring to play solo
    2)Builds like hacker being useless

My questions are:
1)Has the game been changed in a way that allows for a reasonable solo experience?
2)Has the skill system changed at all in regards to most builds being useless?

I don’t know anyone who plays this game so a fun and reasonable solo experience is necessary for me. Not to mention that I am a magnet for trolls and griefers for some reason. When I used to play, everyone playing multiplayer used mostly one of two builds, as not doing so was a literal handicap. I’ve never liked fps games much, and this game didn’t feel like one to me until these two issues became a thing.

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The only update I can think of that made the game extremely difficult was the April 2020 update, but that was corrected and the game has been fully soloable since. There are three difficulties you can choose from that adjust how much damage you can take, how much health Machines have etc.

The skill system is the same. Although Hacking can use a boost I think it’s unfair to say that most builds are useless. There are plenty of ways to make skills work to your benefit for an effective solo gameplay experience.

Glad to hear that solo is doable, figured that would be the case, as, from my experience, the devs tend to listen. Sorry to say, but I think it is wholly unfair to say some builds like hacking, are anything but useless. In fact, it’s not an opinion. It’ a fact that the hacker skills are BROKEN They don’t work at all most of the time. I spent counless hours making a hacker before with the whole skill tree unlocked, then noticed time and again an abysmal rate of anything usefull happening. I tested it out over and over way back. 7 out of 10 times it fails. Out of the 3 successful tries, 2 out of 3 accomplish nothing. All that happens is it acts different for a second, not attacking. The rare case that it attacks usually last 1-3 seconds then the machines stop and act like nothing happened.

Let me ask you this. If builds aren’t mostly useless, then why is the muliplayer mostly two builds, with everyone saying any other builds are useless? Being a hacker is a LITERAL insurmountable handicap. Nothing about being a hacker even helps you. After a while the handicap gets so bad you can’t even kill a single machine.

Way back when, there were a LOT of players who felt the same way, complained about it, and quit. Look at how much of a barren wasteland this forum is as proof. Perhaps my previous statement was wrong. Perhaps the devs don’t listen. You’d think that the biggest problem people had with the game, outside of the setting(which is stupid) would have been addressed.

I don’t know, I haven’t had that issue personally. I do know the skills system is something that can always be improved though, perhaps that’ll be looked at in the future.

Well like I said, hacking does feel like it could use a boost, some adjustment to make it more worthwhile for investing points into that skill tree.

I don’t see how forum activity has anything to do with this topic, and I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea of developers addressing issues just because of a specific thing that might have been overlooked.

If you were to return to the game and begin anew, which skill tree would you invest in?

I am sorry, are you saying the setting of the game is stupid? Or am I misunderstanding.

While many builds are useless some are really good, some give you more damage, some more protection and one even gives you a free revive if you often die.

The setting is the opposite of stupid, a REALLY stupid setting would be the usual like America or Russia. Thanks to the setting the games draws more Nordic people and lore wise it 100% makes sense. Sweden would like to focus on such machines because Sweden don’t have a massive population in case of war. Also Sweden’s nature and spread out population is also a really nice touch to the game and the old Swedish building style is phenomenal.