Hello, sorry to vomit this text on anybody who may stumble upon it but I used to play generation zero with a few friends and we got to talking last night. It was during this discussion we realized that there were a few things that really turned us away from the game, and these weren’t just minor gripes but some serious issues that I hadn’t even realized until we talked.

The first of which is how awfully long it takes to grind levels. My friend has nearly 60 hours and is not even level 25, we play the game casually so if you assume maybe 40% of our time spent is actually fighting machines then does this make sense? I don’t think he’d be as annoyed if it weren’t for the fact that it was only after he hit level ten when he discovered the level cap and at that point they nearly restarted because they had wasted points on useless abilities like throwing range and accuracy. Why do those exist??? Maybe I could forgive the level cap if each and every point felt meaningful but no, I get 1 point per level and that one point gives me 2% chance to hack an enemy but only if they are small and low level and wearing a top hat whilst spinning. I could go on about the hacking perk but I’ll spare you the headache.

Now even after the initial realization that you need a dang spreadsheet to make a useful character we thought “hey there is a crafting system with blueprints and stuff right? maybe we can just make some good weapons or armor and that will help a little… right?” No we spent 3-4 hours gathering blueprints and were left with shoes that cost hundreds of pieces of steel and offered a 1% stealth bonus. I thought we were playing a fun robot shooter with an interesting component system for machines not a hardcore grindfest for 1 experimental weapon and 4% bullet resistance. Granted this is a slightly older review as recently I remember hearing about a crafting buff but the other points I’ve mentioned I do not think have been addressed(please correct me if I am wrong).

Anyways that isn’t what gets me, What really frustrates me is the lack of weapons for base game, Now I like the Idea of alpine unrest where you get new areas, a story and all that good stuff, But No! I have to shell out ~$4 for 3 weapons that I will never find above 4 star and that are worse than the base game weaponry,AND THERE ARE LIKE 5 OF THESE THINGS.

Y’know what? I know I am just being “that” guy but I cannot play generation zero anymore. I try every now and then but between the crashing and constant 20 fps gameplay(I play on an old xbox) I just can’t find the motivation to go and find all the collectables or gather all the weapons.

This is sort of like my therapy, and I just felt like sharing the thoughts of me and my friends, I will probably not use this account again so with that in mind,
-goodbye and I hope you enjoy the game!

Just delete the game, and forget you ever bought this horrible game. :coffee:


I never really felt this game was a grind, well maybe starting a new character was kind of boring before we had the ability to replay the story line missions.

The exp weapons and gold weapons are more difficult to come by, but it’s no where as bad as an MMO that’s for sure. I’ve recycled probably 6-12 copies of each experimental weapon and countless gold versions over my Gen Zero career so I’m not sure what the fuss is about.

The Russian pack is pretty awesome but not overpowering (I use them a lot actually) but the US pack is kind of “meh”.

Maybe it’s because I play on PC and the experience is better than console? I never got the hang of twin sticks for a FPS and could see that being a serious drag.