[FORUM] Block/hide topics created by specific users

I have a little forum related request - please add ability to hide topics created by a specific user.


You should be able to Mute notifications from other users in your profile settings. It may not be exactly the same but it’s something. If you’ve got issues with a specific user feel free to contact me or any of the other forum staff.

No, no, it’s not that… just some recent plentiful spam-bug reports :face_vomiting:


Xezr already intervenes, I believe.

Maybe it’ll help you @0L0. If you go to the categories section and click on Bug Reports it will give you the following options.

Receive notifications daily on subject, following.
You will see a set count of notifications on bug reports.
-Watching First Post
You keep track of the first post that comes up.
You will get notifications if your name is mentioned
Ignore all notifications on topic

You may not be able to mute a certain category of bug reports entirely but you can at least limit the spam. At least this is what I have discovered. I could be wrong, feel free to correct me if I am. I set it to tracking so I can pick up issues if need be or if I don’t want to deal with bug reports I mute it temporarily just to keep track of other topics. I don’t know if this helped ya any friend but it’s the best I can suggest for you because I’m the same page as you, the spam of reports coming in is monotonous. It wouldn’t be so bad if people just searched the topic before starting a new page that is already covered.

I’ve looked into this too, @0L0, and there’s nowt to be done, even using greasemonkey. The front page doesn’t tell you who started a thread so you can’t try to filter, and the best you could do is hide a thread where the last post is by <username>.

The forum software itself is Discourse, and the designers intentionally omitted a block feature because of their attitudes to how they wanted people to interact. I’ve seen some evidence of a block feature either proposed or implemented, but it required a trust level of 3, which is mod rights here (if this forum even supports it).

I keep wondering what the magic words would be to reduce the diary posts.


I believe the first user icon is the original poster.

I am still not sure whether it is just a personality thing, trolling, dealing out disappointment, genuine interest…

Maybe the person will read this, though. Otoh, I would be more comfortable to lead this discussion in a more secluded environment.


It would be in the thread, but then you’d have already clicked through it. I thought OP was hoping to make certain threads invisible on the front page, and on the front page you can only tell who responded the latest. So, custom browser scripts are out.

It is in the Topic list:

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Oh, that’s promising, peg. I’ll have to try something with that list.
I see this instead:

Edit: oh gods, the list view is using tables for layout :s

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Yikes! Also… I’m all over the place again. :wink:

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You could help the poster by suggesting the proper place for some of them like

[Floating Objects] Since there isn't already a topic for floating objects, [Terrain Holes] Dump 'em here! or [Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!

It has been done before. I believe Xezr even threatened to delete misguided bug reports. Did not help much really.

Heh, less a threat and more of a… Hrm, reminder. And I have been doing so, if I’ve seen immediate duplicates of the same issue posted a day apart, or crossposts and the such.

Still, if you guys see it before I do, flag 'em. :triangular_flag_on_post:


@Zesiir there does seem to be an up-tick in duplicate post, click bait titles & such in the last few weeks. It is to the point that in the new section I have just been hitting dismiss & not reading them. You are doing a great job & this forum is still 100% better than for example WoTConsole but it looks like we have either been flooded with trolls or folk who can not read of late sadly…I could NOT do your job I would have lost my cool with some since the 1st of the year…lol. Good on you for being able to do this job.


Thanks. I try to keep an eye on things. Most of the Regulars around here also do a good job of redirecting folks to relevant topics which is great. I reckon that often it’s just people who are new to the forums, are impatient and don’t bother doing a search before they post.

I swear if I see one more Lost & Found bug report I might lose it… Nah, just kidding.


some could be people new to forums or people new to english but you’d think that this…

would stop a few of the reposts


You’d think so, yeah…


That function on this forum is great. I’ve had been meaning to start a few subjects, only to see that pop up and went to that thread instead.

Not sure if it works while browsing on a phone though?


Pretty much the same on a phone as well