Forum software: unmap CTRL+F

This forum is the best piece of software for the purpose I ever encountered! Honestly, it is just awesome, I really enjoy being here and contributing to the game.

I have just one request: CTRL+F for me invokes the forum search while basically always I want to use my browser’s (Firefox, latest) method to find text on the current page. I suggest to turn this off.

Yeah, it’s a bit annoying most of the time.
Even so, in my experience, first time gets the forum’s search, second time gets the browser’s search, so you just need to double tap. :wink:

I’ll try that next time. The weird thing is that now I constantly get my browser search bar. Can’t find a systematic to this.

EDIT: The keyboard shortcuts for this forum say that CTRL+ALT+F invokes the search function, which actually works.

Btw. do Stickies not stay on top of the thread list after watching it? Kind of inconvenient for things like the “Hole in the ground” or “Floating object” thread, as I post there now and then and finding them at the top is practical.