Found a new big gun

I wants it, my precioussss…

I always wondered if these were the actual guns of Torsberga. But they can’t be, they seem way too old to have been used recently, and their barrels are welded shut. And it’s just a weird turret model over all, doesn’t fit the modern loading system you find inside the bunker…

I was assuming they are at least WWII vintage, but if that was the case, they’d have been removed by the 80s, in the same way you can see where guns have been removed from other bunkers and the ports concreted over.

The ones on the south-coast actually do correlate almost perfectly with the location of the loading mechanisms for Torsberga. The bigger issue is that even if we assume that they’re supposed to be mortars, the turrets are way too small for the gun, and almost certainly wouldn’t have been made of concrete like they appear to be in game.

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There must be a bunker near to fire and load ammo into that thing. But yes I really REALLY want to at least kill a tank with that.