Found a runner rival


yeah they do that sometimes.

That’s the difference between regional and personal rivals.
Regional rivals just are hunters, harvesters or tanks.
Personal rivals can be any class or type.

They sometimes transform into personal rivals, after they killed you, while regional rivals just spawn if you kill enough machines.

Just in short words explained.

Don’t feel the need/urge to level it up btw. I had about a dozen of them and kept them for novelty’s sake, but when I went to hunt them down at lv.4 they mostly dropped a few shots of ammo, presumably less than I lost fighting them. In the end, I kept one with a ridiculously badass name to remind me of that. YMMV…

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I let it kill me 4 times its level4 now

what’s a personal rival and how do i get one?

As written before…