Found a strange map, any idea's?

Hello fellow g0 gamers. I found this map in a house on the start island. The exact place i forget. Somebody any idea’s? There are places marked with Bullets…


Judging the Måsskär - Resistance contact/bases/camps maybe?

My thoughts also after examine the picture. Its the only one @ the first area . Maybe there are resistance bases?

By the looks of it, they appear more like hotspots of machines rather than survivor bases.

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Near safe houses and relay beacons from what I can remember

Think you’re right there! Been frequent visiting most places before and even after latest patch and they are all places where you can expect a good fight.

OH IVE GOT IT these are safe houses and bunkers the one near the middle near the mountains reagion border between the Farmlands Region those are safe houses and a small bunker which is a mission

No, they are not. At least not all of them. For example: marker in Östervik is nowhere near a safehouse.

Oh wat about a bunker or camp?

Several markers on that map are in the middle of nowhere, without marking out anything of great value.


  • small one in Östervik is in the middle of open football field. Only relay beacon is at that spot.
  • the two medium markers at the SW corner of the map: right one is a bunker but left one is smack in the middle of open farmland.
  • the one closest to the crosshair, tiny maker: no bunker/safehouse there, except overhauled POI.
  • two small ones at the Archipelago / Farmlands border: left one is safe house while right one is in the middle of nowhere. At best, only few small ruins at that spot.
  • two big ones, just South of Airfield. No safehouse or bunker there. Though, that farm is a hotspot for harvs/tanks.

Thnx :+1:t4: I just thought but eh almost correct 8 guess :sweat_smile: