Found a way to farm adrenalin

Hello guys,

i’m not sure if this is already known or not, but i found a way to farm as much adrenalin as you want.
Near to Stenudden lighthouse you will find one guaranteed adrenalin syringe everytime you resume your game.
You simply go from the save house past the police cars into the transporter. There you’ll find adrenalin in the first safe on the upper right side. It’s less than a minute per syringe.

Here is my video for further clarification:

It probably isn’t intended to respawn like that. This’ll probably get patched out sometime in the future.

The same can be done at certain churches with items on the top floor, and the lighthouse at Hisingafyren spawns flares (or fireworks?) along with a radio. Definitely affects the trading community.

I think patching all of this stuff out might not be the best idea but some of the more abused examples could be rebalanced.
For example, if I was a player who had some early game issues and an under skilled character it would be helpful to have a location where after death I could respawn and know that not far away there is a guaranteed healthpack or two, maybe some easy to access ammo boxes with a low level loot table so I could get back into the game.
But what if it could be turned into a learning experience? That those same loot boxes are guarded by equally respawning hunters or runners (also at a low level) that could be sneaked (snuck?) past. It would be pointless to try farming either for a boost but it would teach new players that the focus is on a little bit of stealth, that sometimes the subtle approach is best.

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If there’s a challenge, with some kind of suitable reward that’s repeatable, I’m all for it :slight_smile:
Like dailies, or the like.

I think simple medkits respawn in houses, but I can’t confirm.

Medkits dont respawn in houses, but it would be nice if they did maybe at the same rate other loot tables respawn.

And to add to that, it would also balance out other lootables like adrenaline, that way you couldnt farm them to oblivion, but would also serve the purpose of aiding newer players. Yttervik would be excellent for people having a hard time in the early game that way!

Actually they respawn in some places, and not only on the archipelago.
I don´t know the respawn time though.

Ah, now that would be a nice mechanic…
Like once a day you can do a mission that rewards with a high quantity of basic loot.
So you can start your session by logging in, doing the mission (which could also give XP for those on their second playthrough and trying to level up) and then walking away with 2-3 adrenaline shots, 6-12 basic health kits 5-8 standard and 2-5 advanced… Or whatever would be balanced.
Could be weeklys even, just something that gives a little boost to players that might be struggling.

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There is a lot of spots to farm adrenaline, Alpine unrest have two spots whit 2 resp 3 shots, and on the main island at least two places I can remember directly whit 2 / 3 shots per restart.

Perhaps the team will patch it son, or perhaps they are willing to leave it as it is for those who really explore everything on the map.

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