Found Glitch 😰 Store All Weapons to Plundra Removes Augmentations

Weapons to Plundra Removes Augmentations, Don’t Store All Weapons to Plundra, there’s a glitch, removes augmentations

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PS4, the all weapons button, square

That’s why I did a Petition to remove it. (Square)

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We just need it to be fixed then.
But they usually dont make hotfixes, so now it might happen only in February or March.

Whoever is part of the testing Team really has to be incompetent, these are simple things, its not a hole in the map (which is big) or a visual bug, its something anyone will find after a few hours or even minutes by just using the Plundra.

accidents happen, glitches happen, but it’s a really nasty glitch people that play the game need to be aware of, lots of weapons parts & other crafting material list, just be aware folks

i’m only lucky because my back-up save

hope in map is nothing compared to this glitch :disappointed_relieved: I’ve fell into hole the map just a few days ago, just repawed & continued playing, this however, weapons gained crafted, weapon parts, time spending, CAN, be lost just at the press of a SINGLE button by accident


It happen to me to day and i can confirme that is still there so don use the R-key or what ever button to “store all in category” i have replicated it twice !