Found this bad boy hiding in a hangar


any clues as how to get this baby up and running? where is the “on” switch? :wink: looks mean…

on a completely different topic, I just met a fnix tank w a huge railgun hanging underneath, hope they add more of those to the game:)

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If we are talking about the ranks of each machine. I think that the Apocalypse Class would be Rank 4 and the Tank in the FOA 4 facility could be a Rank 5 Tank judging from the extra armor plating or upgraded armor. I’m just guessing at this point and this particular tank could be use in another DLC Island or on the Mainland (Where The Bridge mission takes place).

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Perhaps put at spoiler note on the thread title. Let other people discover this and be wowed in their own games when time comes.


@Ennui is right. I took the liberty of adding some spoiler tags :slight_smile:


My bad, but i still think people will feel unease to enter that room, when they find it. i sure did:)

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I was hoping soooo much that this bad boy would stand between me and the exit :cry:

yeah me too=) but then again it has no weapons, just stomping mode, with is horrifying enough :smiley:

Glutton for punishment, you…

Yes that fnix railgun tank was nice to see. Wish more fnix would use railguns now and the aco. ones too. But they all still use the autogun. Would be much more enjoyable if they would use all kinds of different weapons.

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I hope in the future they will add in a possible chance that after you defeat a FNIX Railgun tank that maybe you can grab a Railgun weapon.

LOL, its like 3m long :laughing:

Now you’re just fishing for a “that’s what she said.”

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That weapon is named Linear Accelerator and that FNIX tank isn’t the only one in the game who has it. FINX tank is actually the 2nd one. For the 1st one, here’s further reading,

Also, we already have a “railgun” type of weapon in game: PVG 90, aka .50 cal, especially it’s experimental version.

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I looked for switch found nothing , tried to blow it up nothing happened , erm its just waiting for a dev nudge according to my scientific research ,

Dang. It’s kinda underwhelming then. The PVG railgun sure dosen’t punch through armor like I though it would.

Experimental .50 cal loaded with AP ammo will go cleanly through most robots. E.g when i’m sniping runners (including apo), i can always see the shot hitting the ground behind it. And it’s not a missed shot but clean cut through. I’ve also killed 2x FNIX hunters at the same time with it. They were running at me one following another, where my shots went through the 1st hunter (damaging it) and hit the 2nd hunter just behind it (damaging that one too).

Also, it’s rounds will damage components behind armor plating as well. Though, it may take few shots before armor plating itself gets completely destroyed. (Overpenetrating shot deals less damage to armor itself than the shot that ends at armor plating.)

6* .50 cal is the most effective weapon against tanks (including apo), making killing tanks child’s play and way too easy for my taste.

If that is not a railgun for you, then what is?

Though, regular .50 cal (1* to 5*) doesn’t have the increased velocity and ability to pass through several components, making it the usual point-contact weapon. With it, you need to 1st destroy the armor before you can damage the component behind it.

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@jajjemensan Something drew me to look again at your picture.


On the “face” there’s a mark on the upper left. It looks like a 7. Is this the 7th machine in the series? Is this the 7th desgin? Who knows!