Framerate and stability fix! [pc]

Platform: PC

[note: this fix is mainly for laptops however if you are aware that your machine has an integrated graphics processer then this may also apply to you]

To anyone who are currently suffering from severe graphics and framerate stability issues I recommend they check which graphics card the game is actually utilising, to check this and change follow these steps

  1. Go to the games file (if you don’t know where this is you can access it via steam by right clicking the game within the library and accessing “properties” and select “Browse Local Files”

  2. Right click the file “GenerationZero_F” (this is the games launch application) to bring up a small menu

  3. Go to “Run With Graphics Processor”


  1. From here it may vary, for Nvidia models you can select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” instead of your PC’s integrated graphics card

NOTE: If the game keeps reverting back to the integrated graphics card each time the game is launched then it is possible to access the Nvidia control panel (same steps but click “change default graphics processor” and follow these steps
-click add
-click browse

  • browse to the game launch application file location
  • select “GenerationZero_F”
  • select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” from the drop down menu below


Hopefully this will work, any questions feel free to give me a shout!!


From what i can tell, the option “run with graphics processor” is only avalible on laptops, not for desktops.


Dude, you saved me! This fixed the game on the laptop!

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hi bud just got back on to report more, glad the fix worked for ya!! hope you’re enjoying the game <3

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are you still able to edit the topic to put in that this solution is only for laptops?

Updated with a disclaimer at the top of the article however I’m not changing it to say laptops directly in case there’s somehow desktops with intergrated graphics processors so I’m still keeping it as a general PC report


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If you have a desktop with integrated graphics on the CPU and you plug in a discreet video card, the onboard gets disabled. You will never have to choose between discreet or integrated graphics on a desktop system.

This is indeed a solution for laptops only.

Guys, so correct me if I’m wrong… but I bought a laptop with an Nvidia GTX 1080 built in. I never bought a separate graphics card then or since. Therefore, the option no. 2 in the “Manage 3D settings” window in Nvidia control panel does not appear for me - as I only have one GPU.

I still suffer FPS drops coupled with audio stuttering however. But this fix is not for me right?

@bcatrek The chipset/CPU can still contain a GPU. It’s not uncommon at all. The Chipset GPU is more power efficent so on battery it’s get used a lot.

Nvidia control panel can help determine which GPU that are used for each game.

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I know that’s the main case but I’ve seen and dealt with some really dodgy setups from custom builds and I’ve seen desktops having changeable onboard to dedicated and vice versa…[sounds impossible but I was shocked myself]… that’s why there’s only a disclaimer to be on the safe side


Yes @Alinde but what do I do if I don’t have the option #2 as it shows in the screenshot above?

On my Nvidia control panel, the only place I can choose between cpu and Gtx 1080 is within the PhysX configuration…

Edit: check here for what my control panel looks like: Did the game become less optimized?

Hello! the framerate is bad for me also, i can’t choose “run with graphics processor”
i have tried updating the drivers and putting the graphics setting on the lowest but the framerate is still bad.

i am running the game on my MSI Alpha 15 A3DDK gaming laptop
GPU: AMD Radeon RX5500M

Does anyone know how to fix this? i can run games like DOOM eternal without problems

solved it, i just lowered “Texture resolution” to high

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Ik this post is preaty old and I doubt i will find a replay ,but the “Run with graphics processor” option dossent appear ,is there another way to fix it or how do I make/find the option?

If you read the 1st post, you’ll see that this guide is for laptops and not for desktop PCs. Since with desktop PCs and when you have dedicated GPU, the CPU’s iGPU is disabled (if you have Intel CPU or AMD APU. AMD CPUs don’t have iGPU in them.).

Hi bud, I wrote this on launch but I still float about occasionally ahahah, if ur still having issues do you mind if I ask you to put down a list of ur machines specifications? And if it’s a laptop what the model is, if I’m not able to help someone should surly be able to