Framerate issues at airbase

While I haven’t experienced vary many bugs after the March update I have noticed one or two that I feel should be addressed
The first being a severe drop in Framerate at the airbase in the farmlands
Not sure what’s causing it but whatever it is makes the game slow down to a crawl
As I call it generation zero matrix bullet time edition

I was in a single player game on my original xbox one console so multiplayer couldn’t be the problem
And as far as how to recreate the bug all I had to do was be at the airbase
If I had to guess iit has something to do with the sheer amount of machines in one area

Hey Bronyboi18,

Would you mind editting your post and filling out our bug report template?


That’s happened to me at the airbase as well as other areas in the farmland region. I’ll pull up task manager and my gpus will only be running at 2 or 3 %. Doesn’t happen all the time though, don’t know what is causing it.

Hope this will provide additional useful information