Freeze and Crash

Platform: PC

**Steps To Reproduce: nothing special, Freezes and the crash can happen anytime anywhere but are more likely to occur when in proximity of buildings and enemies **

**Images / Videos: **

Host or Client: n/a

Players in your game: occurs in SP and MP but only i seem to be affected

**Specifications: Win7 HP SP1 - GTX1060 with latest drivers - i5-4690K @ 3,50GHz - 16GB RAM **

As said in the video: If i would lower graphic settings game would start to stutter extremely. CPU is at 100%±10% but this hasn’t ever caused a game to crash in my past.
I re-downloaded the game 3 times via steam ©
In 12h gameplay i gathered more than 30 crashes and only up to 5 were without bugreport .
Anyone any idea?