Freeze plundra box PS4/PS5

the freeze occurs when we have in our inventory and in that of the storage box three shotgun tips making access to the storage box impossible. if the bits are mainly in your inventory just get rid of them, if all three are in your storage box it will then be impossible to access your storage box, you will then have to delete your save… I hope that the developers can resolve this problem quickly because I don’t really want to delete mine with around 80 hours of games. I hope the text will be understandable, I use a translator

Do you mean barrel extensions?
Is it proven that you mustn’t have 3 of them?

If yes, then I’m glad that I once cleaned up my plundra to a maximum of two of each. :sweat_smile:

yes it’s the silencers and such. and for me it freezes with three accessories. At first I had one in storage and two on me and it took me a little time to understand where the problem was coming from. once I understood it was easy for me to avoid the problem but I made a mistake, I had two in my storage and one on me that I wanted to put in my storage for the game my permission to do so, but since then I can no longer access my storage…

after reading multiple bug posts, and since you said you use a translator, try changing your language ingame to English or another language. I have noticed others with the same issue find the issue resolved by changing the language. there maybe a syntax error in the coding that causes the bug. give it a try and see it that helps.

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