Frenchy beta opinions & 2019 expectations

Hi everyone,

When I discovered Generation Zero game, I think it’s a joke : “A post apocalyptic game take place in Sweden during the 80’s… and we gonna fight meca… WTF ?!?” I think the synopsys was so funny, I must keep an eye on Avalanche Studio work. This is before I was selected for the closed Beta testing… OMG !!!

After a few mniutes of gaming I was already convinced and won ! The staging, the music, the audio atmosphear… evrything was in the right place, with the good “Swedish touch” :wink:

Now we must wait 2019 to play this game… arf ! So long… but, you have not any apology to integrate my suggestions :wink:

Gameplay :
1- Can we have a special animation when our character runing and jumping over an obstacles ? He can put a hand on the obstacles and jump aside over it (I can show you if you invite me in Stockholm :wink: ) It can be unblock in the skills tree, perhaps.
2- I think the game is a little bit to easy… Their is to much ammo in the world and you should insert more meca over islands. Maybe some sentinels watch classics aera like forest, coast, etc. If they see us, they go warn the dogs, for exemple.
3- I walk a lot during de beta test… and nothings happened. Can you insert more secondary objectives ? Like investiguations on PNJ stories, add some collectibles everywhere.
4- Have you think about the end-game ? Is there an interest to play Generation Zero after we finish the main story ? Have think about DLC ? Season 2 or somethings like this ?

Thank you for this game, thank you for reading this post and good luke for the finish :slight_smile:

Kiss for France,


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