Frequent crashing

xbox one generation zero continues to crash. this crashing includes. Large Scale FNIX Base (after destroyed) will cause game to freeze and crash to dashboard. fast traveling to a safe house a number times will cause the game to do the same freeze and crash to dashboard. even loading into a friends game will cause it to crash to dashboard and freeze.

this has been thing for a long time since a number of updates following after.

One thing me and my friend noticed:

Never destroy the hosts bases (as guest) .
I will result into a crash.

really? i did not know that all.

My friend (guest) destroyed the Fnix base we attacked yesterday and he crashed the same moment as the base was destroyed. Didn"t get any rewards.

i dont understand why developers are not fixing crashes that xbox carshing to many times. aint that weird? because the blog doesnt really tell us for being fixed from what is critical too be forcing to fix it.

Let it burn. Hail the holy flame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One more thing we noticed, and that’s more difficult:

If one player destroys a machine that the others don’t see, the game may crash, too.
We had situations where I as guest fought against a harvester and destroyed it. My friend stood directly next to me and was wondering about what I was shooting at… Boom and crash.

The difficulty is that especially in greater battles it’s hard to know which machine is there for all players and which not. I’m glad that this scenario is quite rare.

yeah same here. i noticing that a lot for a number things the other player will destroy. i have had that happen with a friend of mine.

Out of curiosity, the method I use is to destroy all of the walls before I interact with the shield generators, then take the shield generators out one at a time, and finally I use the RPG7 to knock out the base controller. It does roughly around 20% more damage than the G46. I also load up on rockets and hit the base at the maximum distance I can see it / get accurate shots, this helps to reduce the incoming machines, or at least it has in my case.

i haven’t gotten the dlc for the RPG-7 yet

I haven’t seen a difference yet between using the granatgevär or the PVG.
If you hit the command center, health bar will be reduced one step, shield activates, bombardement or reinforcements get triggered, shield deactivates after some seconds, and so on.

It’s about half a magazine of my exp PVG.
How many rockets do you need from the rpg?

I need only 3 RLG-7 shots.

Which difficulty?
Is it true that the RLG is so much stronger than the exp granatgevär?

Adventure… and you need the explo damage skills.

I’ve never noticed that the grenade launcher is weaker than the RLG, that may be true in adventure mode, I play in skirmish mode, also played guerrilla mode for a while before the base update, but couldn’t tell any real difference

I just had the feeling that it’s stronger.
The few times I used the RLG it seemed to make more damage per shot. Nothing I could proof.
And it’s ok if it is stronger than one shot of the granatgevär, but it shouldn’t be stronger than two rockets out of the experimental granatgevär.

But as I just play skirmish it explains why I need more hits for the command center… And everything else.

lets keep it to the topic at hand, please

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so generation zero crashes in a number ways.
a teammate killing a invisible enemy causes crashing
destroying a full scale FNIX Base causes crashing
destroy a Hosts FNIX Bases causes crashing
fast traveling a lot causes crashing
using a motorcycle causes crashing
walking around can cause a crash

anything else that can cause a crash?

Some told that using motorbikes causes crashing.